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Be it from human to human, animal to animal or human to animal how does telepathy [thought transference] work? We all know that we sometimes feel something when we meet or see someone, or even, sometimes, hear of someone. We call this feeling “vibes”. We also know, for instance, that animals are sometimes aware of danger even though this danger is outside the spectrum of their senses. On many occasions I have talked gently to houseflies that have found their way into my house, told them that I did not intend to harm them but only put them outside; then told them to move to my open hand which I held near them, and when they did this took them to the fly wire screen door, opened it, and released them from my still open hand.

We talk of “feeling vibes” of “giving off vibes” etcetera but there are no discernible vibrations. So what is happening?

To understand this we need to understand that this is telepathy or thought transference and we have to know what thought is. So, what is thought, or as I refer to it in this context, Thought? The answer to that lies in what I have written and will have to be sought by the reader by reading all I have written, for a proper appreciation, or using a computer's Search facility for bits and pieces. For the present I will quote the encapsulation of what Thought is i.e. “Thought creates, creation manifests, (therefore) Thought manifests.”

Thought (an Intelligence if you like) is the cause, the first cause, the creator, of all energy - that of which the entire universe is comprised. It follows, therefore, that everything 'on Earth', whatever it's form, is a manifestation of Thought. At the same time everything is Thought itself. To illustrate this to some extent we can use the example of water, ice and water vapour co-existing in one place - the one substance is present as a liquid, a solid and a gas.

Now, thought is known to exist as an entity; it is also known that it 'travels' from one point to another instantaneously, irrespective of distance - in other words, it transfers but does not travel; it does not travel because travel takes time, even a minute distance of travel. Thought does not have to travel because it exists everywhere or, to put it simply, it exists.

Since it exists in this way it is where you are, where I am and where anything and everything is. Also, being you, me and everything else, what each feels everything else can feel. I say “can feel” because to feel requires being 'tuned in', and if the tuning in is askew there is either poor communication or no communication. And since it exists in this way there are no 'waves' or other phenomena involved. Hence, telepathy is communication within something (Thought) without the presence of any phenomenon.

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