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A Dream.
Following the entry The Body as a Vehicle I decided to attend the meeting referred to below.

Yesterday I was due to be at the hospital at 8 a.m. for examination by the team of "Head & Neck" surgeons and consultants and before I awoke I had this dream:
[Note - In Australia we drive on the left side of the road.]

I was driving on a two-way, two lane street, approaching a T intersection at which I was going to turn right. I 'knew' that the road I was approaching was
clear. However, I was approaching the intersection in the right lane instead of in the regulation left lane and was a little uncomfortable with this.


1. In dreams, right = the 'correct' way.

2. The road ahead was clear.

3. I was approaching 'illegally' = not according to required
practice or standard principles (in this case I was using my spiritual guidelines).

So, I was approaching a decision/choice, the road ahead was clear and I
would make the right choice although it was against 'my principles'. After the examinations and deliberations the surgeon gave me the diagnosis, the proposed surgical procedure and the prognosis; the last mentioned subject to post surgical pathology. I immediately gave him the "go ahead" and a week later the surgery was carried out with complete success, the pathology was
clear and no follow-up chemo/radio therapy was required.


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