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   Gregory Shephard’s “Through art all things are possible

   concept of providing Freespace 4D as an interactive online

   community of like-minded fourth dimensional thinkers,

   seeking to demonstrate the multi-dimensional POWER of nOw

   • past, present and future as ONE • mirrors as a reflexion,

   my own multi-dimensional mind of 3D movies and words, which

   I have been blessed with since birth, under the Gemini star-sign,

   as what other’s have described as a left-handed dyslexic .

In the context of web-based online social networking 

   [IT] IS well over ten years since I posted my LUCID OR NOT 

   zBlog at *zaadz, prior to Brian Johnson initiating its demise

   to become as it thence transmogrified into and then into what IS now GAIA.

[THAT] which was freely provided @zaadz has now

   been [RE]placed by what has to be paid for @gaia ... 

   Plus ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose

   My own particular idea of an AlphaINDEX of Stories of all that

   had been posted - is however dedicated to the 

   event in history that was ZAADZ.  

   ALL THANKS of course to Tim Berners Lee for his very own

   determined commitment to that which we NOW refer to as ...



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