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  Have you experienced any of the 

  following cosmic connections?


  These are the 5 types of cosmic connections 

  you will encounter on your journey:

   1. Those meant to awaken us.

   Sometimes people or things come into our lives that are meant to create

   a point of stopping for us. They will not allow us to move forward

   without realising that change is needed. Nothing ever goes according

   to our plans but everything goes according to the Universe’s plan.

   2. Those who remind us.

   Sometimes in life, we come across people who are supposed to remind

   us of the path we are supposed to be going down. These people are

   often temporary but leave a lasting change inside your soul.

   3. Those who help us grow.

   Some people are meant to help us grow as a person. They teach us

   things we would not have been able to do on their own.

   4. Those who hold space for us.

   Sometimes there are people who come into your life who are meant to

   hold space for us. They make small talk and most of the time we don’t

   even get their names. This could be a stranger on a bus or even a worker

   in a coffee shop.

   5. Those who stay.

   When we are ready the Universe will give us someone who will stay with

   us forever, someone who is our fate. This person will be all that you

   thought they would be and more. You just have to be patient. We also

   encounter many people who stay when it comes to lasting friendships

   and close family but that one person makes things all better.

                                                         Darbi • Educate INSPIRE Change 

   ALL of which ≡ MY SPiRALogic of LIFE



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