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It is somewhat of a coincidence that following Andrew Cohen's recent

positive action to issue AN APOLOGY in respect to his own dualism -

that an excerpt from Volume I of the Ken Wilber Life Footnotes collection,

should be referenced in an Integral Life - Future of Buddism post .

In it Ken shares two of his earliest encounters with Zen Buddhism while on

retreat with Roshi Philip Kapleau in Mexico. Here Ken learned some of his

earliest lessons in nondual awareness: that one's mind and one's

environment are NOT separate, that the journey to ultimate truth is

staggeringly simple but rarely straight and narrow, and that enlightened

consciousness can sometimes slam down on you from high above,

squishing you and your preconceptions like a bug.

Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer have described the BLIND SPOT, in their epic LEADING from the EMERGING FUTURE, as follows ...

"The current system produces results that nobody wants. Below the surface

of what we call the landscape of social pathology lies a structure that

supports existing patterns. For example, in an organisation, a departmental

structure defines the division of labour and people's professional identities.

In a modern society, the governmental, business, and non-governmental

sectors all develop their own ways of coordinating and self-organising in a

rapidly changing and highly intertwined world. A structure is a pattern of

relationships. IF we want to transform how our society responds to

challenges, we need  to understand the deeper structures that we

continue to collectively [re]enact."


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Comment by Michael Grove on July 6, 2013 at 10:13

The Lehman collapse et al was truly a political and financial "case study in arrogance" in

the context of the absolute truth that neither GOD or POLITICS or the FINANCIAL system

are "religion in any shape or form" - because it was the faith in self-serving religion

rather than the faith in common-sense which eventually brought the financial system

system to its knees in late 2008 at the expense of the peoples of this world who had

absolutely no say in the matter because of the total lack of representation in Congress.


"Meeting the challenges of this century requires updating our economic logic and operating

system from an obsolete "ego-system" focused entirely on the well-being of oneself to an

eco-system awareness that emphasises the well-being of the whole."

                                                                                                              - Otto Scharmer

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