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Tian Xia Xi Ji Zhi ...

can be roughly translated into high English as -

"The lessons of silence are peerless & are unmatched by anything else under Heaven"

This English translation and in turn, the Chinese interpretation of the symbolic characters which are there for ALL to read, if they traverse the 6293 granite steps leading to the summit of the, sacred to the Chinese, mountain of Taishan in Shandong province, are words of wisdom indeed.

… IT IS for ALL members of our species, as individuals, to truly understand the underlying purpose of why those Chinese symbolic characters were carved into the stone in the first instance, before the goal of the wisdom of knowledge of understanding can be attained.

Only when the global collective, of those who have achieved this goal, represent the
majority of our species, will REAL CHANGE in the world BE ESTABLISHED.


How can we make the world a better place?

Lao Tzu is reputed to have said ... A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and Chairman Mao ... EVERY journey begins with a single step.

On this opening day of the Beijing Olympic games ...
LET US ALL hope and pray that this particular single step ...
will mark the beginning of OUR GLOBAL REAL CHANGE JOURNEY

First posted by Michael Grove on August 7, 2008 at 16:30

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Michael : catalyst-producer

about 12 hours later
Michael said

IT has been suggested elsewhere that … THE REASON that the leaders of the Chinese people have chosen to promote the Beijing Olympic Games, IS that the international support of same, by both the leaders and the peoples of the globe, demonstrates their acceptance of the Communist Party's leadership of the Chinese People. Be that as it may, President Bush's speech in Thailand draws ALL our attentions to the concept of ”freedom of speech” and it is that concept which must prevail at the heart of ANY initiative for REAL CHANGE

Albert : Warrior

about 12 hours later
Albert said

I am adding this from Fareed Zakaria:

Don`t Feed Chinas Nationalism

This is well seen by Fareed once again.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later
Michael said

Fareed Zakaria's article IS INDEED an exemplar piece from one that exudes …
the wisdom of knowledge of understanding

which, in the context of the international family of athletes who have travelled to China for the Olympic Games, reminds me of OUR requirement, as a species, to emulate Fiebrigella as a small parasitic fly which can encourage group living in its host bee, Megalopta genalis, thus ”promoting sociality” as Sean O'Donnell of the University of Washington, Seattle, has proposed.

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Comment by Michael Grove on April 5, 2012 at 9:04


and "forget about building bridges"


The Torii Gate, a sacred Shinto structure and traditional symbol of Japan, was chosen for the entrance to the garden as it denotes that the space beyond is both pure and revered. On the ground a pace inside the gateway we have placed the Chiriana [dust hole], where one may dispose of mental dust/rubbish, such as selfish desires, before embarking on ones journey round the garden.



Winding paths lead from the entrance past the water garden to other..., and the element of mystery created reflects the mystery of the universe which we may contemplate whilst walking or sitting in one of the seating areas placed around the garden. This journey is a physical and sensory experience. Our eyes follow the stone paths, our ears hear the sound of our footsteps on the gravel and we feel connected to the earth. The canopy provided by the old willows creates an enclosed, sheltered, protected space in which we feel comfortable and relaxed. Water reflects the sky and the sound of running water stimulates our awareness of being alive, of being connected to the universe. In this calm yet vital environment we are able to examine our inner feelings and understand them.

Our senses offer a gateway to our inner being. As the pathways interconnect so the streams flow above and below ground, disappearing in one place to reappear further along, and the dry riverbeds of summer glisten and run during the wetter periods.

Comment by Michael Grove on January 7, 2019 at 7:58

  The Japanese stone garden is an art form recognized around the  

  globeThese meditative gardens provide tranquil settings, where

  visitors can shed the burdens and stresses of modern existence,

  satisfy an age-old yearning for solitude and repose, and

  experience the restorative power of art and nature

  For this reason, the value of the Japanese stone garden today is

  arguably even greater than when many of them were created.

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