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Artist Nathan Sawaya led visitors through his Art of the Brick show

in New York back in June. The artist has used Lego bricks to recreate

well-known sculptures as well as dinosaurs and some fantasies of his

own. Art of the Brick runs at Discovery Times Square until

5 January 2014.


As Tom Ross has so succinctly suggested previously - "Great sculpture

never fails to impress me. As more of a 2d artist I can’t help but admire

the skill and dedication of sculpters. The other day I came across some

incredible lego sculptures, which inspired me to write a post on the subject.


Lego sculptures are particularly impressive, as 

they are generally built from the ground up,

and therefore each stage of the build must set 

a perfect foundation for what is to come. There 

is very little (if any) room for error, and so the

artist must be incredibly precise and careful in 

their work. I hope that you enjoy these great

sculptures as much as I did, and perhaps

even get inspired to build your own!"


In the meantime can you spot the hidden

Lego bricks in these incredible pictures ?



on the other HAND the - Honda UK "Hands" film celebrates 

the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to some of the

most successful Honda innovations over the past 65 years.



Then sometimes, just sometimes, the art is turned on its head  to be

able to reproduce the inner workings of a piece of art long lost to the

amazement and gratification of humanity.









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