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AS I have often said elsewhere IT IS the MIS-interpretation and

MIS-understandingon the part of those in the past who have declared

their own interpretation of WHAT IS, that has blinded those very people

to the very fact that WHAT IS - IS - and sure ain't NO ISER; and that its

not for them to tell others how to think but for each and every  one of

us to think for ourselves by a process of ...

disconnecting the mechanism of interpretation !

That WAS Buddha's message. Unfortunately the vast majority of his followers

MIS-understood that message and through MIS-interpretation formulated a

variety of buddhist mindsets  which others now “connect” with ZEN. 

In the context of y[our] discussion here  I would say that a non-philisophical

interpretation of Ubuntu - IS - and as such sits in the same mind-space as ZEN 

but my own interpretation of ZEN, which I am willing to debate with anyone who

wishes to do so, IS an interpretation which accepts that ZEN, as the mindset

which Buddha alluded to - IS ONE which accepts that …

ZEN is TAO and NOT ZEN without TAO

 is BUDDHA and NOT ZEN without BUDDHA

 & BUDDHA are independent & of ZEN 

 is dependent on TAO & BUDDHA as ONE

ibso facto …

IF the next Buddha IS a collective …

then the practice of Ubuntu IS HOW WE SIT:


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