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In spite of the age old reference to problems or bad situations that remain the same, even when people or things involved in them are different, this very particularly relevant article in [TIME] perspective of Julian E. Zelizer shouts volumes with respect for and regard to the very future of the so-called DEMOCRATIC PROCESS in THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA ...

Plus ça change plus c'est la même chose.

SO having 
recently watched [THE] most intriguing Netflix

True-Crime documentary revelations in their TV drama

'HOW TO FIX a DRUG SCANDAL', the overriding conclusion

that my soulmate Linnie and I came to was that in just the

one state of Massachusetts, the evidence of the lack of top

down higher levels of so called management of barely a few

persons who were responsible for Court Case Drug Testing

the entirety of 100s of thousands of drug-related evidence,

was manifest and no doubt dissimilar than the rest of the

system of political control across the nation, including I

would humbly suspect, any kind of coordinated response

to the multitude of issues in dire need of [BE]ing urgently

and appropriately addressed, with respect for and regard

to the consequences of LACK of ACTION vis a vis the very

issues of planetary climate change, that are [NOW] day by

day unfolding.  

At the United Nations climate change conference in Paris, COP 21, governments agreed that mobilizing stronger and more ambitious climate action is urgently required to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Action must come from governments, cities, regions, businesses and investors. Everyone has a role to play in effectively implementing The Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement formally acknowledges the urgent need to scale up our global response to climate change, which supports even greater ambition from governments. The commitments from all actors are recognized in the decision text of the Paris Agreement, including those launched through the Lima–Paris Action Agenda.

As Kingsley L. Dennis has so succinctly proposed in

The Rise of Empathic Consciousness

"For many of us we have been brought up within a social structure that demands we become a ‘productive member’ of our society; thus much emphasis is placed upon developing individual skills so that we can compete with each other for social betterment. Inherent in this is a residual fear that if we open ourselves too much to others we may lose our ‘competitive edge’ and defined sense of individuality. Much of mainstream media (aka propaganda) has exploited the mythological images, collective stereotypes, and subconscious signifiers that play on our collective vulnerabilities and social fears. Knowledge has more or less trickled down to the average person through heavily filtered channels, and most often has been doctored, amended, and/or edited. The end result has been not knowledge but consensus information, or ‘allowed’ information. It has served the elite power structure well that people in general have not awoken to the understanding that humanity possesses incredible capacity and inherent resources for creative expansion and evolutionary development."

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Comment by Michael Grove on January 12, 2021 at 11:52


    Imagination alone can give us a vision of the

   future • Simulations of the reality allow us all to

   explore that vision • BUT no man is an island and

   turning this vision into a reality has always been

   dependent on a willingness to search for all the

   component parts, to communicate and collaborate 

   with the multitude of people destined to provide

   the component parts and then to "glue" the whole

   together into a cohesive and meaningful solution

   • A SOLUTION which addresses the very real issues

   with which we are all faced in our daily lives.

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