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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

SINGLY MORE IMPORTANT CONCEPT, for each and everyone

of our species to grasp, than a SENSE of PLACE here on our

pale blue dot, as passenger/custodians of Spaceship Earth.

In the context of all the great minds that have influenced contemporary thought, Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, and

Jesus have had the most profound and lasting impact, but

as Rachel Carson has more recently pronounced, let's try

to look at the natural world that we inhabit, as if we were

actually a part of [IT], because that [IS] indefatigably and

indisputably a different way to understand things than

anyone had proposed before. ME•WE are NOT SEPARATE.



There's a before Rachel Carson and an after Rachel Carson

in terms of the ways of protecting the environment. There

are not many people whom you can say they drove a

paradigm shift but she did. SILENT SPRING taught us that

science was not a mission, her message was that there IS

an ON-going STORY, [IT] just doesn't stop with the removal

of pesticides.

Rachel Carson began a conversation that we needed to

have and we weren't having in 1963 and that ME•WE still

haven't figured out how to have in an appropriate way

even today. [IT]'s a conversation about THE ROLE of NATURE

in our lives and whether or not ME•WE make our lives better

with technical innovations or whether ME•WE do damage 

that outweighs the benefits.

[IT] IS therefore in[DEED] TIME to consider the

desperate need for A JOURNEY of TRANSITION.


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