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  Stay Timeless™ in Freespace 4D 

    by transforming THE ART of the POSSIBLE

  into  THE ART  of  the  REALITY of IDEAS


Synergetics is the system of holistic thinking which Buckminster Fuller

introduced and began to formulate. Synergetics is multi-faceted: it involves

geometric modeling, exploring inter-relationships in the facts of experience

and the process of thinking. Synergetics endeavors to identify and understand

the methods that NATURE actually uses in coordinating the operation of the

Universe (both physically and metaphysically). Synergetics provides a method

and a philosophy  for problem-solving and design and therefore has

applications in all areas of human endeavour.


    CREATIVITY IS in[DEED] More Important than Ever


   "One thing I've learned from having the privilege of interacting intimately   

   with thousands of people is that the hunger to make a difference and 

   contribute is fundamental for us human beings. People are willing to take

   great risks when presented with an opportunity to make a difference.

   In a moment of crisis, Bucky discovered that in himself, and he found a 

   way to speak words that allowed other people to get in touch with that

   passion themselves. I watched people when Bucky spoke, and people

   heard him and were deeply moved and inspired to action by his words."

                                                  A FULLER VIEW • L. Steven Sieden



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