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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

  [ITwas the essence of THE IDEA of utilising Bucky's

  Geodesic Dome for the purpose of providing visitors to

  THE EDEN PROJECT with THE "Stay Timeless FS4D"

  experience of RECONNECTING with NATURE, that truly

  exemplified Buckminster Fuller's concept of SYNERGETICS.

  Object background: Buckminster Fuller and 4D

   In 1927, long before he became a well-known name, R. Buckminster Fuller

   was a struggling young father whose ambitions may have preceded his

   actual ideas or capabilities. He had been fired from his job at Stockade

   Building Systems and, on one of his frequent depression-fueled walks

   around downtown Chicago, he experienced an epiphany: he later claimed

   he had been suspended above the ground in a sphere of light and 

   addressed by a bodiless voice, which told him of his destined importance

   to humankind. From there he decided to make his life “an experiment, to

   find what a single individual can contribute to changing the world and

   benefiting all humanity.”

   With that as his driving motivation, Bucky Fuller set out to find just how,

   exactly, he would change the world. His work with Stockade had given

   him some experience in construction, and he decided to make the

   homebuilding industry his first target for revolution. He spent several 

   years developing the 4D House (also known as the Dymaxion House),

   which he envisioned as a fully premade home that would require no

   separate plumbing or wiring, and could simply be purchased and

   delivered at a relatively low cost. Only two formal prototypes were ever 

   made; one survives at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.

   To address the problems Bucky saw in the homebuilding industry that

   could be solved by the 4D House, he composed a manifesto of sorts in

   1928, 4D Timelock. Using the cheapest available method of reproduction,

   mimeographing, he produced 200 copies; these were then stapled, given

   a cardstock cover with a design by Fuller, and mailed out to various

   interested (or uninterested) parties. Fuller was taking advantage of a law

   ensuring copyright with proof of 200 received copies. Perhaps due to its

   impenetrable language, though—often quixotic and virulent—the book

   wouldn’t be properly published until 1970. The title page bears this

   whopper of a description...

  “An aphoristic essay of research and analysis of the past and present

   creation methods of man’s living abodes, through consideration of

   the material creations, and abstract organization, prosaic and

   harmonious […] The birth of industrial produced housingthe

   inevitable fourth dimensionsome pregnant prognostications,

   and individual duties.”


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Comment by Michael Grove on December 31, 2019 at 10:29

   FROM [UN]MANIFESTO to the potential of a NEW MODEL of the  

   [UN] which THE human[KIND] of Spaceship Earth in Freespace 4D,

   can n•O•w embark on, in a new collective relationship with

   NATURE, that establishes a timeless zone for communication

   and commerce in4D™ by realising the dream of a common

   language in4D™ and the whole IDEA is to reclaim y[OUR] species

   lost relationship, as a constituent component of NATURE,

   through a permanent manifestation of the original concept of

   THE ART of the POSSIBLE by way of [O]ur [N]etwork [E]volution.

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