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... IS BRAINWASHED and what I'm doing to fix [IT]

                                                                              Kasim Khan


I don’t often write and I’m literally writing this as I’m thinking to myself so please be patient with me…

Most people I know have a loving family, good friends, an education , a job and yet if I was being totally honest with myself I would say most of them are unfulfilled with a feeling of emptiness. Of course I cannot speak for everyone but certainly the majority of people I know or have known have felt like this at least at some stage in their life. And I am sure if you look at yourself and even around you at the people in your life you would agree with me.

But why? You have shelter, food, security, family . . . this immediately puts you in probably the top 10% bracket of ‘wealthy people’ in the world. We are indeed lucky.

Well as I sit here and question why you feel so unfulfilled I think I have the answer ; You’ve spent all your life being brainwashed and conditioned into being a certain way, and somewhere deep down you know this and it doesn’t agree with you. And it’s this that is causing that powerless empty feeling that you can’t seem to shake.

IT starts from birth, if you have religious parents then they will choose your religion for you, you have no choice over this and only very few of you will ever question your own religion and even fewer will look at the possibility of leaving.

Then as you grow older at a specific age you are entered into an education system and find yourself surrounded with hundreds of other children of the exact same age and all being taught at the same or similar level. You are essentially being given boundaries at this young age and cannot progress quicker than the education system allows.

You are also taught to conform. If you disobey you are in some way punished. Often if you even question authority in any way this is frowned upon and again you may even be punished.

Many education systems want you to wear a uniform and even some require a specific type of haircut. Again this is all sub consciously embedding in your brain that to conform is good. Even at this young age you are being trained to be a perfect little worker. To turn up on time, to take breaks when told, to learn at a pace which is dictated to you.

Y[our] uniqueness and creativity at this young tender age is being pounded away by relentless demand from the system to conform.

As you grow older, you have your religion or belief system that is the same as your families, you have an education that is the same as everyone you know and now as your mind grows with all the constraints in place you start to fight back against these and some of you may succeed but most will not. Most of your minds will now start  to be shaped by the media, by marketing , you start to follow fashion trends, music trends, you need the latest phone/laptop or game. You want to fit in with all your friends and be the same as everyone because this is all you know , this is all you have been taught to be.

You watch the news and trust what you are being told, you read the papers and assume this to be truth. Why? Because all your life you have relied on others for information and never been told to question things for yourself…

Now you are about to leave education and enter into the world of work. This is what your parents and teachers have been preparing you for your whole entire life … to work and to be ”successful”. If you done as you were told to do in school, and if you memorised all the books you were given in class and then regurgitated all this information in your exams chances are you will find a high paying job which will make your family happy, it will get you lots of friends and buy you many nice things.

At this stage in life many of you may still try to question what life is all about, and even try to resist being sucked into the rat-race but sadly the harsh realities of life begin to set in and even the most ardent of rebels begins to see that they need money to survive and slowly even you will be forced to conform and be a part of ‘society’

Then eventually once you have been fully integrated as a perfect contributing citizen you will soon have kids , and then more than ever you understand the importance of having money and working. And … the cycle begins again, this time with your own children. And this pattern will continue to repeat until we have a society full of workers designed to feed a corrupt system which makes the rich richer and keeps everyone else sedated, unaware and unfulfilled.

As I write this I understand that I am also a part of this system that I talk so negatively about but I feel lucky to have found a passion which has taken me on a journey of self-realization and helped me to understand the world I live in and literally question everything. The passion I am talking about is the truth. Nearly three years ago I decided to create a Facebook page called Educate Inspire Change and that was probably the best decision I have ever made, because by trying to inform others I ended up learning more than I could ever have imagined and am still learning everyday. And it’s this passion for the truth that has allowed me to see clearly and I want to use this clarity to help others do the same as me and find their passion and pursue it and to ultimately be fulfilled.

And I believe the key to finding your own passion is self-education and critical thinking because you can never know what it is you really want or who you really are until you really start to think for yourself . We are literally living in the matrix and many of us are breaking free and it’s up to those of us who have this new-found sense of clarity to share it with others and be the light for others.

It can be a very frustrating thing being surrounded by people who you care about and love who simply cannot see what is happening around them. A fish born in the lake will never question what the water is around it, or whether there may be more lakes or even oceans. Similarly humans will never question our surroundings or the systems we are placed in unless other humans give us the wake-up call we need.

Everyday I learn more about science, spirituality, politics, nature , space …. and the more I learn the more excited I am about life and the more lucky I feel to be alive. And the more I want to share this knowledge with the world.

I have recently became a father and when I sit here and think about it perhaps that is what is the driving force behind me writing this. Because I know I will do my utmost not to condition him, I will do my best to nurture his creative abilities and instill the confidence in him to question everything… even me.

I want to teach him how lucky he is to be alive, to teach him about the beauty of nature, the beauty of humanity, the beauty of real knowledge and I hope that he too will find his passion because I believe that all of us are fundamentally creative beings who are here to learn, explore, create and simply wonder.

So I suppose I am writing this to share with you my understanding of the world and my hopes for change. Fortunately the fix is easy for all of us, just look to get better informed, self-educate, self-reflect, try to question everything and instill these values in your children and then sit back and watch the world change for the betterment of all people.

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Collective Evolution Published on Feb 14, 2012

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