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SPIRIT, like God, denotes an object of psychic experience which cannot be proved to exist in the external world and cannIot be understood rationally. This is its meaning if we use the word “spirit” in its best sense. Once we have freed ourselves from the prejudice that we have to refer to concepts of external experience or to a priori categories of reason, we can turn our attention and curiosity wholly to that strange and unknown thing we call spirit.

Mercury, the ambiguous god, only comes as the lumen nature, the Servator and Salvator, to the help of the very necceasry human understanding that relates [IT]self to the highest light ever received by man and does not, unmindful of it, trust exclusively to the cognitio verspertina. 

                                                              C.G. Jung 

I was 13 years old in the third year of Grammar School when I first watched the BBC interview Face to Face with Jung on my mum’s black & white television and by that [TIME] unbeknown to me C.G. Jung's THE SPIRIT MERCURY had already been translated into English by Gladys Phelan and Hildegard Nagel, an annotated copy of which I have in my possession, as a result of Gregory Shepard's suggestion that I obtain a copy if possible.
Needless to say my own parallel interest in Jung has [iT]self been expressed in cyberspace on a number of platforms but foremost in the first instance @ *zaadz  • and continued to do so @ facebook. SO [IT] would indubitably appear to [BE] the case that Gregory's own long standing page 4 Mercurious connessione [in da Vinci speak] as well as my own and that of Jordan’s, have now potentially found a way of coming together as the three of 3D with the commitment of establishing an FS4D mechanism to carry humanity into the Fifth Dimension so to speak !!!???
NB you can see Mercurious referenced at the end of the first para here on p4.


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Comment by Michael Grove on October 8, 2021 at 8:44

ARAS and the Art and Psyche Working Group, in collaboration, have developed a new project, "Art in a Time of Global Crisis: Interconnection and Companionship," as an international outreach through art. Our goal is to create a network of mutual support through art during this difficult time.


Comment by Michael Grove on October 8, 2021 at 8:50


 over the course of several billion years - has brought

 us to the very situation that exists on our planet today,

 "warts 'n all" • BUT we are individually and collectively

 becoming aware of this as well as our very own species

 responsibility for the parlous state of our planet today

 - and our destiny to awaken from the individual and

 collective denial which has brought us to this inevitable


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