Gaia Community

compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

 of Buckminster Fuller's VISION of an integrated

 World Game computer system, has NOW been

 established as a consequence of Tim Berners Lee's

 gift of the World Wide Web [WWW] to HumanKIND. 

Fuller's CRITICAL PATH to the application  of the

theory of that very technology  for the purposes of a

"rite of passage to 4D", requires THE SWITCH from

Gregorian-calendar based TIME to a TIME [scale]

based on the timing of universal natural processes,

such that HumanKIND can re-connect with the

4D[TIME] heart-beat of NATURE, to then maximise

access to the collective abundance of energy that is

potentially available - which will subsequently

address the essential dilemma of [our]TIME and

provide the mechanism for responsible citiZENs,

whereby they can rise to meet this ultimate challenge

to our future - for the mutual benefit of ... 


  “WHEN I am working on a problem,
    I never think about beauty
                                                      R. Buckminster Fuller

 Compassion, Collaboration & Cooperation

        in multi-dimensional TRANSITION


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