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The first satellite (orbital) photographs...

  ... of Earth were made on August 14, 1959 by the U.S. Explorer 6.[2][3]

  The first satellite photographs of the Moon might have been made on

  October 6, 1959 by the Soviet satellite Luna 3, on a mission to photograph

  the far side of the Moon. The Blue Marble photograph was taken from

  space in 1972, and has become very popular in the media and among the

  public. Also in 1972 the United States started the Landsat program, the

  largest program for acquisition of imagery of Earth from space. Landsat

  Data Continuity Mission, the most recent Landsat satellite, was launched

  on 11 February 2013. In 1977, the first real time satellite imagery was

  acquired by the United States's KH-11 satellite system.



  My soul-mate Linnie’s father Ronald Arthur Yardley, who built his own
  Colour Television Receiver • in a kitchen cupboard under the stairs
  of their semi-detached house in Borehamwood • well in advance of the
  first TEST COLOUR TRANSMISSIONS from the BBC • had himself been
  offered a job at Goonhilly Down, by GPO Telecommunications, well
  before researchers started to investigate packet switching • a technology
  that sends a message in portions to its destination asynchronously without
  passing it through a centralised mainframe • but having travelled there by
  train from where the family were living in Kentish Town, North London,
  he was unable to find somewhere for the family to live locally, and so
  could not take up the position that he had been offered.

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