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   For the three score years and ten that Linnie and I have been together in

   mind and spirit • which has been bookended by the circumstances and

   consequences of two World Wars and the complete and utter mess that the

   so-called elite of the UK/EU and for that matter the USA also, now find

   themselves in, with regard to and respect  for Colin Mason's predictions of 

   The 2030 Spike and A Short History of The Future • here we are today

   faced with yet another Parliamentary Election, which is wholly dependant

   on the majority voice of the people, when ME/WE are still waiting for the

   majority vote of the people to Leave the EU, to be acknowledged and


   LEAVE MEANS LEAVE and NO THING that has been spoken about by any of

   the contenders, other than THE BREXIT PARTY provides THE REQUIRED

   copper-bottomed commitment to DO SO.

   So when your governments tell you how valuable our banking system is,

   and how important our financial services sector is, don’t believe them. Most

   of it is as valuable to our lives and as energetically parasitic as a Flu virus.

   For sure, we need old-fashioned banks who help us move money around,

   and take care of our savings BUT the [ONE] THING that [IS] absolutely certain

   is that "WHEN WE AWAKEN to the infinite panorama of evolution, we realise

   ourselves to be nothing less than the very leading edge of a fourteen-billion-

   year cosmic process • a cosmic process that gave rise to the vast matter and

   energy • that created galaxies, planets, and stars. That process created the

   conditions that made it possible for biological life to emerge around four

   billion years ago. And then, from biological life, 200,000 years ago mind burst

   forth as the dramatic beginning of human consciousness and culture."


  [IS] IT NOT the concept of "ENTITLEMENT" namely

 believing oneself to be inherently deserving of

  privileges or special treatment • that lies at the
 very core of the issues with which the human[KIND] 

  of our "Pale Blue Dot " or Spaceship Earth...




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Comment by Michael Grove on November 9, 2019 at 9:13

Never forgetting of course that [IT] was during the [TIME] of establishing the existence of the 13 Colonies in North America, that John Pym and the People of Britain stood up to King Charles the first as a result of a revolution in mindset, on all counts against the elitist ruling class, which resulted in the Civil War between the so-called Roundheads and their Cavalier opponents.
During the riots and disturbances in London in December 1641, Lunsford was appointed lieutenant of the Tower of London, but the appointment was so unpopular that he was replaced four days later. However, the King knighted him and appointed him commander of an unofficial royal guard at the Palace of Whitehall. Lunsford's men twice dispersed rioting apprentices and citizens at sword-point, and in January 1642 they guarded the King during his unfortunate attempt to arrest the Five Members in the House of Commons. Parliament ordered Lunsford's arrest after he joined Lord Digby in an attempt to seize the county magazine at Kingston-on-Thames in the King's name. Released from prison in June, he joined King Charles at York and was present at the siege of Hull in July 1642.
Can ME•WE dare to believe that • with regard to ALL of this and the particularly divisive treatment meted out by John Lilburn to the self-styled FREE-BORN ENGLISHMEN, otherwise known as the apprentices • that history IS about to be [RE]peated as a result of Boris Johnson's commitment for the state to recognise that apprenticeships are as important as degrees !!!???.
Comment by Michael Grove on November 9, 2019 at 9:23

Nearly half a century after Alexis de Tocqueville’s classic Democracy in America, another European observer crossed the Atlantic to assess the state of the American experiment. James Bryce, the English historian and statesman, arrived in America for an extended tour in the middle of the 1880s, at a time not unlike our own. It was the height of the Gilded Age, and the country was grappling with inequalities of wealth, rising levels of immigration, rapid economic transition and questions about the United States’ role in the world. An astute chronicler–he was a practicing politician, a venerable professor of civil law at Oxford, and would later serve as the British ambassador to the U.S.–Bryce published his reflections in a two-volume work, The American Commonwealth.

Among his insights was a warning of the dangers of a renegade President. To Bryce, the real threat to the Constitution came as much from the people as from the White House. Disaster would strike American democracy, Bryce believed, at the hands of a demagogic President with an enthusiastic public base. “A bold President who knew himself to be supported by a majority in the country, might be tempted to override the law,” Bryce wrote. “He might be a tyrant, not against the masses, but with the masses.”

                BY JON MEACHAM

Comment by Michael Grove on November 9, 2019 at 12:24

   IDEAS can lead to the sharing of a wealth of understanding,

   which undoubtedly provides the potentiality of the qualitative

   enhancement & advancement of the EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS.

   The future of that process, however, since the very outset of

   HOMO SAPIENS, has been in the "hands" and MINDs of OUR

   species. A species which is driven by the dual concepts of benefit

   for the individual and benefit for the collective • concepts which

   can so easily be diverted to the use of THE POWER of KNOWLEDGE

   for GOOD or EVIL • SO let us now consider the fact that America's

   best IDEA to date, was most probably the establishment of the

   Yellowstone National Park; and that the TIME has NOW arrived

   for humanity to resume the continuation of [IT]'s ever urgent

   quest to "GET BACK to NATURE" !!!???


Comment by Michael Grove on March 29, 2022 at 17:17

The well-reasoned argument is deeply embedded in The Atlantic’s DNA. Think of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s call for the abolition of slavery; Helen Keller’s wry, trenchant reasoning for why men should do more housework; James Fallows’s prescient warning about the consequences of invading Iraq; or Ta-Nehisi Coates’s case for reparations.

The Atlantic’s Ideas section, which I oversee, aims to build on this rich legacy. The essays published in Ideas continue to challenge readers’ preconceptions.
                                       Yoni Appelbaum Senior Editor, The Atlantic

3 years before the United Nations made its Declaration of Human Rights President Roosevelt's science advisor, Dr. Vannevar Bush - published in the July edition of Atlantic Monthly - his IDEA of a wondrous machine which he called a memex. A machine which would enable you to search through information with incredible speed. You could pinpoint a thought in a book, leap to a related piece, pointing to a newspaper story and go on linking ideas until you built, in essence, a record tracing your own train of thought - one which you could pass along to friends and associates. All of which would be considerably closer to the way the MIND works.

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