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  TIMELESS TIME [IS] in the zeitgeist of PAST • PRESENT • FUTURE • NOW

  ALL of WHICH speaks volumes with respect for
  The IDEA that it is possible to START ALL OVER


    TIME - as Professor Brian Cox has suggested in the

    Wonders of Life - for the scientific community to

  explain the spirituality which forms the basis of

  each and everyone of our belief systems.

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Comment by Michael Grove on November 10, 2019 at 7:40

With the corrective of ecopsychology, our relationship to Mother Earth becomes as important to our sense of self as our relationship to the mother. Eco meanshome' - our place in the universe.

Instead of alienating the reified ego from its objectified world,
eco-psyche-logy roots us in the natural world at the center of our no-boundary self. Jung called it Psyche, the collective consciousness umbilically connecting us to Anima Mundi, the ‘world soul’ of our living, nurturing planet. With the corrective of ecopsychology, our relationship to Mother Earth becomes as important to our sense of self as our relationship to the mother who raised us. From the expanding spheres of meaning that follow, the climate crisis becomes our Mother calling us home to our true, natural selves. The longer we ignore her call, the greater the crisis becomes - until we finally hear her cries.



Comment by Michael Grove on November 10, 2019 at 7:42

 It’s been estimated that Bitcoin data mining centres consume as much energy per year as the

 whole of Ireland. DR MANAGER/Shutterstock

The digital revolution could unlock a green transformation
of the global economy. In 2019, it’s clear that digital innovations will continue to change society and the economy, but it’s uncertain whether these new technologies will benefit the global transformation to sustainability. Will digital technologies allow everyone to live in a world where their development isn’t dependent on exhausting finite resources and increasing emissions?

There is certainly reason to be optimistic. Digital technologies can make energy and resource use more efficient. By analysing the optimal amount of water each crop needs and by using a smart irrigation system accordingly, farming can become infinitely more efficient. Digital systems can assess the optimal use of vehicles too. Instead of one person owning one car which is only used for an hour each day and then sits parked for the rest of the day, several people can share one electric car, reducing the number of vehicles needed overall.

Comment by Michael Grove on November 10, 2019 at 8:42

Everything connects to everything else A real-time resource

based economy is not only possible now, it is essential to address

the critical systemic challenges we now face as a civilization!

                                                                                                        Ray Podder

Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2022 at 12:17

  THE SMART meter rollout is facing a fresh crisis as  

  a shortage of microchips leaves energy companies

  unable to meet their installation targets and facing

  multi-million pound fines. Global shipping chaos

  and fierce competition from other electronics

  companies has led to a severe lack of critical parts

  for the devices, which track households' energy   

  usage in real time and send this data to suppliers. 

  Every home is meant to have a smart meter by 2025

  as part of the Government's net zero plans.

The rollout however is far behind schedule because COVID disrupted appointments and millions of consumers are reluctant to have the devices installed. 
Energy UK, the industry's trade body, has warned MPs investigating the chip shortage that many suppliers are already suffering from problems, which could leave them unable to meet their targets. 

Companies that fall behind are at risk of being fined by Ofgem, the energy regulator.

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