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23rd May 1946, was born a child in St. Mary's Hospital, Archway, north London
- of Joan Grove & Lou Grove - conceived of a relationship of LOVE - established during, & in spite of,
the horrific events of World War II - & bearing in mind Erich Fromm's words -

MAN's main task in LIFE is to give birth to himself

A child who was - in the words of his headmaster - on gaining entrance to Boreham Wood Grammar School
at the age of 11 years - destined to set the world on fire !


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Michael : catalyst-producer

about 21 hours later
Michael said

For a different SORT of BIO - follow this thread

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 23 hours later
Michael said

The first of our SOUL-MATE birth certificates - both written in the very distinctive, self-same - cursive handwriting - precient no doubt of our italic handwriting ability

Michael : catalyst-producer

27 days later
Michael said

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy

But he who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in eternity's sunrise


Awake O sleeper of the land of shadows, wake! expand!…
Weep at thy soul's disease, and the Divine Vision is darkened…”

William Blake

From being a child, I have long held the viewpoint - that the ‘force' inside of me was the same force that existed in everyone else - regardless of race, language or religion - & that everybodies position was NOT their own - but that which they had been encouraged to partake in - through the ‘efforts' of parents, piers, teachers, leaders etc.

I could not then understand or initially come to terms with - why so much of the big picture - which I have always found so easy to comprehend - was seemingly inaccessible to ALL of those that I came in contact with.

Equally - & in stark contrast to this understanding - at 60 years of age I have yet to master the art of tying my shoe laces and have long since subscribed to the likes of Timberland footwear.

Up to 9 years of age I was - without question - @peace with the world & all that it then comprised for me - but an event then took place in my life when - during a thrashing from my piers, I would have strangled a fellow human being to death, had it not been for others prising my hands away from the throat of my potential ‘victim' - in the flash of the moment I realised I could no longer survive in the world I inhabited - unless I began to stand up for myself and adopt the ways that others - in this strange world - had established as their modus operandi.

I subsequently came to the understanding that my destiny in life was to provide the mechanisms by which ALL my fellow human beings could be @peace with the world & all that it comprised for them.

6 months later
cHAngeL said

I realised I could no longer survive in the world I inhabited - unless I began to stand up for myself and adopt the ways that others….

I understand, brother.

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Comment by Michael Grove on April 11, 2015 at 7:13

It was from my father that I learnt - supported in great part by his hand's on method of instruction

in the art of communing with nature - my own instructions for life, as a reflection of his own

innovative imagination and his experiences with the Zulu's in South Africa, training them to build

John Laing designed, river-crossing Bailey Bridges and no doubt his horrific experience in the

North African desert, whilst mine-sweeping with his childhood friend, which resulted in his 6 months

stay in hospital in Alexandria, prior to being landed at Anzio in support of the final push of the

Allied Forces to arrest control from Mussolini and Hitler's power over ROME.

My own journey of life, having been encouraged by my mother and her father to become confirmed

into the Church of England, was one of the discovery that GOD has NO RELIGION - consequent to

my searches for the truth of what we now have come to refer to as the evolution of consciousness.

No closer to THE TRUTH of the theory of everything - have I found, than in the works of

Douglas Harding, and particularly following countless hours of reading my limited edition of his

Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth and his splendidly communicative YOUniverse Explorer.


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