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  EVER TOLD, since the beginning of TIME, has been based on the concept

  of communicating an IDEA or IDEAS whose TIME has come, because as

  Muriel Rukeyser so succinctly proposed...  

  "The Universe is made of storiesnot of atoms"

  ... and every story IS the seed of a thread of interconnection and interaction

  of every thread, which reflects the warp and weft of our individual and

  collective 'WEB of LIFE'. It is that WEB of LIFE which Gregory Shephard 

  and his associated ARTISTS, have been discussing, in the infinite

  conversation taking place around the virtual library roundtable, at

  Facebook, in the context of their launch of Freespace 4D in 2018,

  for [BE]ing and BECOMING [TIME]less, which will embrace the potentiality

  of forever storing, in glass TIME[capsules], the stories of each and every

  one of the passengers of Spaceship Earth - as well as a Collective

  AlphaINDEX of Freespace 4D individual members' AlphaINDEX of

  Stories -

  THEIR IDEA which has naturally evolved in[DEED] over the last 20 years 

  or so, into appropriately developing a solution, which addresses the

  desperately needed SWITCH, that will provide the mechanism by which

  the most significant question "HOW to take AN IDEA and SHARE IT?" 

  can be answered for the MUTUAL BENEFIT of ALL that constitutes y[OUR]

  pale blue dot, in order that Universal NATURE's perfect design might be

  fully [Fuller]implementedTHINKING GLOBAL, ACTING LOCAL,





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Comment by Michael Grove on January 29, 2019 at 11:56

Comment by Michael Grove on February 14, 2019 at 9:55

CONVENTIONAL CRITICAL-PATH CONCEPTIONING is linear and self-under-informative. Only Spherically expanding and contracting, spinning polarity involuting and evoluting orbital-system feedbacks are both comprehensively and incisively informative. Spherical-orbital critical-feedback circuits are pulsative, tidal, importing and exporting. Critical-path elements are not overlapping linear modules in a plane: THEY ARE systemically interspiraling complexes of omni-interrelevant generative feedback circuits.

                                                                                                                 - Synergetics 2 [revised]

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