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 In 1992, Greg Shephard began an ongoing series of collaborations
 called the “Freespace 4DTrilogy,” which includes friends, artists
 and performers such as Sophie Calle, Yves Musard, Howard
 Schwartzberg, Yutaka Sone and Masami Tomihisa. Role-playing is 
 a significant part of these interactions and resulted in the birth and 
 evolution of George Mercurious, aka Greg Shephard. In the words 
 of George Mercurious, “The Earth is not flat and neither is time.”
 “Stay Timeless™,” which functions as the installation’s title and as
 a brand, is a work in progress that “ establishes and maintains an 
 environment where art, time and mythology meet through an
 expanding language of surfaces, all while exploring what it is to
 Stay Timeless™ [in 4D] ”
 A central component of the installation is the Stay Timeless
 clocks, which consist of a convex mirrored surface and a single
 second hand. In these works, Shephard does away with the clock’s
 utility and instead displays that “the time is always now”. 
 Shephard has transformed the environment of our small storefront
 office space by painting the floor white and building units in the
 space using white wainscot paneling accented with green felt.
 Throughout the course of his installation, objects, ephemera, and
 photographs are displayed and rotated within this framework,
 evoking the larger narrative of the work and his life. 
 Greg Shephard lives and works in Nantucket, MA.  His collaborative
 film with Sophie Calle (Double Blind / No Sex Last Night, 1992)
 has been screened in film festivals and museums to this date.
 Artist Statement

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