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   INTO REALITY that our world [BE]comes as [IT] does, and there is

   in[DEED] no truer [RE]presentation of this than in the process of

   envisioning a thing in ones mindand then setting about to

   cause [IT] to exist exactly as [ITIS imagined.

   What’s required for a builder of anything to manifest a creation of

   high quality - besides an IDEA and EXPERIENCE - is raw materials 

   that are consistent in their properties and nature with the of the

   desired end result, and the proper tools. IF the builder does not

   understand how to properly use the tools, the likelihood of creating

   a masterful work would be slim. In the arena of reality building, the

   most important tool that we have is the tool of time. It’s obvious

   by the results of our efforts so far that we could use a better

   understanding of that tool.

   That is the purpose of this book -Michael Galileo

Michael Galileo is the pseudonym of artist/designer/inventor Richard Michael Kostura.

    As Galileo, his unique views have published in prestigious intellectual journals, and he

    has been the subject of multiple magazine and television interviews and features

    regarding his application of metaphysical principles and quantum mechanics into every

    day life. He is also currently developing and patenting a new line of time keeping devices

    which are called Real Time Earthclocks™ with the assistance from NASA associated

    engineers, which reflect for the first time the true dynamic of the evolution of human

    relative time, as a way of helping others to orientate themselves more truthfully, and to

    better navigate their way through the continuous evolution of our physical world. He is

    also a member of Mensa USA, an organization whose only requirement for membership

    is an IQ in the top two percent of the general population.


   "Imagination alone can give us a vision of the future."

   "Simulations of the reality allow us all to explore that vision."




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Comment by Michael Grove on October 17, 2017 at 7:45

How The Universe Works with Michael Galileo on Contact Talk Radio

Unlike that popular television show from the past that was about nothing, this is a show about

everything. Well, every "thing" in our universe anyway. Join host Michael Galileo on a weekly trip

into alternate possibilities from one edge of our universe to the other. Find out where every

"thing" in our universe comes from and along the way discover how big the universe is, how big

a second is, and the quantum mechanics behind the biblical phrase, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap"

Find out where time comes from, and from what direction, and the two most dangerous words in

our language that we all use unknowingly, everyday. Looking for a new, non-dogmatic perspective

on how our universe works that you can use everyday to find truth and a better reality?

Want to see "The Flow" of life?  With poetry, essays and discussion, this New Age Galileo takes you

on a journey to a place where Newton, Darwin, Galileo, Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Norman Vincent

Peale, Bob Dylan and countless others are all talking about the same thing- it's how the universe

works, only from a new, all inclusive point of view. 


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