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 The United States had a "We the Peopleconversation a couple

 of hundred years ago, which resulted in the establishment of a

 new system underwritten by the Bill of Rights. This particular

 system is now breaking down - because we can't continue

 [BE]ing able to make our individual choices whilst continuing

 to ignore the collective impact.

 ON the other hand differing Values SYSTEMS do

 in[DEED] require Differing Types of Democracy

The Situation

On one hand we know that our society is on a path toward ecological

disaster. But mostly we remain in denial about that because our politics

and economics are structured in the opposite direction, to promote the

growth of production and consumption regardless of their negative impact.

How do we surmount this dilemma ?

The Solution:

Obviously what's needed is for us, collectively, to stop and think about

what we're doing …and to restructure our economics and politics 

restructure our economics and politics.

This is surprisingly easy to do.

The Wisdom Council provides a way that a few people can facilitate all

the people into the necessary "We the People" conversation. This social

invention provides an amazingly simple path with no identifiable risk.

BUT the benefits are immense, including the prospect of:

  • Involving ordinary people in facing the issues, building their understanding, creating a new shared vision of what "We" want, and designing a widely supported way to get there.
  • Establishing a new system of thinking - where We the People engage one another respectfully and creatively and provide leadership to governments.
  • Avoiding wars and international conflicts.
  • Celebrating and supporting individual and cultural diversity and building the spirit of global community.
  • Living by human values like trust and service, instead of corporate values like profits and maximizing personal wealth
  • Dramatically improving the systems by which we live, including education, health care, finance, taxes, justice, and democracy

Specifically, here's what's needed: 

a) Global plan

b) National plan

c) Wise Democracy Strategy handout


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Comment by Michael Grove on August 3, 2013 at 14:42

What is Dynamic Facilitation?

Dynamic Facilitation is a way of facilitating people to address and solve difficult issues, even those that seem impossible. Rather than asking people to find some issue they can solve, the DF'er helps people find what they really care about and then to be creative in addressing it. Rather than asking them to hold back their emotions, stay on the agenda, abide by guidelines, or follow a step-by-step process, the DF'er encourages people to just say what they think.

Comment by Michael Grove on August 3, 2013 at 16:14

What is choice-creating?

Choice-creating is a heartfelt, creative mode of thinking where people address important issues with the best interests of all in mind. It often arises naturally in a crisis, when people put aside their denial and their roles to engage one another authentically. The natural outcome of choice-creating is an unanimous perspective. Paradoxically, this unity arises from people becoming more individual because it is achieved through shifts and breakthroughs rather than compromise.

Comment by Michael Grove on August 3, 2013 at 16:16

The Wisdom Council Process

The Wisdom Council Process has twelve principles. If all of them are met, then the people of a large system have a way to come together thoughtfully and creatively as "We the People." It's a way to structure Wise Democracy, where the people are ultimately in charge. This approach can be applied to any large system—community, organization, city, nation, business, school, co-op, network, or corporation.

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