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        [DIS]ENTANGLEMENT disposition.

Over 95% of our body is water. To stay healthy we have to drink good water. Our DNA is the same DNA as the tree.  The tree breathes what we exhale. When the tree exhales  we need what the tree exhales. We have a common destiny with the tree.
Man plants the seed - the alder tree grows - absorbing carbon from the atmosphere - storing nitrogen in its root sacs - exhaling oxygen - on which man's survival is predated - just by adding water - and so the cycle of LIFE continues.

               REFLEXIONS of a DYSLEXIC MIND in  
        the form of A MATRIX of 49 tunnels


                WE as mankind are the only ones who DO NOT

           GIVE to the rest of the cycle, for the rest of the

           cycle is constantly giving and giving and giving,

           whilst we are constantly taking and taking and

           taking, so that WE might have LIFE.


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