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  BECAUSE SO MANY modern human activities affect not only local

  communities but the entire Planet, Fullers Dymaxion Map has

  proved especially beneficial to individuals involved in planning.

  People who forecast future trends and devise strategies involving

  global issues find the Dymaxion Map particularly helpful because

  [IT] allows them to observe all Earth’s landmasses portrayed in

  accurate relationship to one another.

  As a result of his study of and work within the maturing field

  of aeronautics, Bucky began to appreciate the aeronautical

  perspective that both the land and water areas of the surface

  of the Earth  provide the inner boundary of an always available,

  yet only recently discovered and utilised, unbroken “ocean of

  air”. The outer limit of that ocean of air is the threshold of outer

  space where airplanes cannot fly. Even in the 1930s, Fuller

  understood  that during the first half of this century, the

  leading edge of transportation was gradually shifting from water

  to air in a process unnoticed by most  people. With that

  transformation, the leading edge of innovation also moved from

  the nautical to the aerospace industry.      

   Lloyd Steven Sieden 
   Buckminster Fuller’s Universe • His LIFE and WORK


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