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    THE [ONE]eyed MAN IS KING 

    During TIMES of UNIVERSAL DECEIT, telling 

     the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT

                                                     George Orwell


    THE GAME OF MIND CONTROL OVER the people's of the

    subcontinent of EUROPE • IS finally approaching the end of

    this particular cycle. AS IS often the reality in a high-profile

    divorce case, [IT] IS becoming increasingly apparent, as a result  

    of the intransigence of the EU Commission and its cohorts, in

    so-called respect for the effect of BREXIT on the unaudited

    EU BUDGET, that they have actually run-out of money, as a 

    consequence of the proliferation of unaudited spending, on 

    the likes of self-engradisment of the whole project of uniting

    EUROPE, without even a chance of majority support for the

    establishment of the Five President's Report

    IT WAS over 360 years after the al-Qarawiyyin Library in Fez,

    Morocco, had been opened, subsequent to the Moorish invasion

    of Spain, that Frederick II was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in

    1220, during a period, when the Church of Rome believed the

    SUN revolved around the EARTH and science was akin to heresy

    and asking questions about the universe could get you burned

    at the stake. The Holy Roman Empire had survived over a

    thousand years when it was finally destroyed by Napoleon

    and the French in 1806. It may not have been holy or Roman or

    an empire, as Voltaire remarked, but whatever it was, it had

    survived for more than a thousand years since the coronation of

    Charlemagne in the year 800, at which time he united all the

    Germanic tribes in western Europe, but after his death his sons

    split the empire into three parts: France, Burgundy-Lorraine and

    Germany-Italy, such that Switzerland was part of the Holy Roman

    Empire together with Germany, Austria and Italy during the so

    called Middle Ages. Napoleon's Act of Mediation in 1803 restored

    the status of Switzerland as a Confederation, and after the end of

    the Napoleonic period, the Swiss Confederation underwent a

    period of turmoil culminating in a brief civil war in 1847 and the

    creation of a federal constitution in 1848. The modern history of  

    Switzerland since has been largely one of success and prosperity.

    Industrialisation transformed the traditionally agricultural

    economy, and Swiss neutrality during the World Wars as well as

    the success of the banking industry furthered the ascent of

    Switzerland to its status as one of the world's most stable

    economies. Switzerland signed a free-trade agreement with the 

    European Economic Community in 1972, and has participated

    in the process of European integration by way of bilateral treaties,

    but it has notably resisted full accession to the European Union

    (EU) even though its territory has been surrounded by EU member

    states since 1995.




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