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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

  BORN to this multiverse of parallel universes • care of the

  biospherical electro-magnetic protection of Spaceship Earth,

  with the spark in the machine mindsight of a left-handed,

  visually oriented, gemini dyslexic, member of the human race •

  I have long since been fascinated  with the VISUAL DISPLAY 

  of INFORMATION and as such was extremely gratified to see

  reference made to an updated version of Inglehart-Welzel's

  "cultural map of the world " in  THE LISTENING SOCIETY,

  which was recently recommended to me by Tom Christensen.

  [IT]s interesting to see that THE LISTENING SOCIETY is [BE]ing 

  built around Welzel's VISUAL MAP of IDEAS, at the centre of which

  lies INDIA • a country with a fifth of the human population of

  y[our] pale blue dot and yet as OSHO once said "INDIA IS an

  introverted country. A seed is an introversion. Try to understand

  the phenomenon of the seed, what a seed is. The seed is natural

  to India. The genius of India can produce seeds of tremendous

  potentiality, but cannot give them soil in which to grow. ZEN

  was born in India as a seed, but grew in China and blossomed

  in Japan. ZEN is not a religion, not a dogma, not a creed. ZEN

  is not even a quest, an inquiry - it IS non-philosophical. The

  fundemental of the ZEN approach is ALL IS as it should be,

  nothing is missing. ZEN is an intertwining of TAO and the

  teaching of Gautam Buddha - ZEN cannot [BEZEN without both

  of these components. 




  What do we need to achieve with this book? You are to learn about

  a political and social theory, which, if enough people understand it,

  can and will dramatically improve the lives of coming generations.

  And spare humanity and the other animals from oceans of

  suffering and degradation. This is what I contend. What you are

  reading is nothing else than the warrior’s code to changing the

  world— something we are in dire need of, given the vast  

  challenges ahead. And the worlds of mice and men are political

  worlds. Politics means games for power. Power matters in all

  aspects of life. Who makes the calls? Who is considered morally

  pure and sexy? Who gets to be smart and respectable, or to be the

  cool, romantic rebel? Who gets to be the kind, wise woman and

  who gets to be the boring old hag? Who gets the cards stacked

  against them in a fight they cannot win? What ideas rule the world

  and creep deep into our minds and dreams, constituting and

  structuring everyday reality? These, my friend, are the questions

  of politics in its true sense.





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