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 ...with which I have worn down my opponents • over the

 last three-score years and ten of my lifeTIME as a dyslexic

 left-handed passenger of Spaceship Earth • in pursuit of

 an IDEA which the entirety of human[KIND] could support,

 with regard to the continuation of y[OUR] species presence

 here on planet earth • has at last been totally justified by yet

 another masterpiece  of  futuristic mindsight  from the 

 publication which has transmogrified from Atlantic Monthly

  which Buckminster Fuller, otherwise known as "Bucky",

   described as the demise of the conscious capitalist approach

   of Henry Ford and his Model 'T' mass-production process

   • by way of the HIDDEN PERSUADERS • in his epic book


   who have hi-jacked for their own self-serving purposes of  

   mind-control of the masses, the World Wide Web [WWW]

   which was provided as a FREE-GIFT to humanity by Sir

   Tim Berners Lee, care of Steve Wozniak the creator of the

   Apple Macintosh WYSIWYG interface and Hypercard, as well

   as Steve Jobs development of the NEXT computer,

   following his departure from Apple.

   [IT] IS undoubtedly and emphatically the case that the

   hidden persuader's timeline which I have described above 

   • since IPsphere was first proposed as a means to truly

   democratise the openly-secure use of the WWW, by all

   7.6 billion members of the human species • has also been

   established to control the mindset of the people, as a

   result of ALL that has been said by Ethan Zucherman in his

   Atlantic article; and moreover the reason why the likes of 

   Steve Wozniak and Tim Berners Lee have given such vocal

   support to the establishment of NET NEUTRALITY !!!???

   Gregory's Stay Timeless™ in Freepsace 4D initiative has

   the magnificent capability of acting as an excellent catalyst

   to AWAKEN ME•WE as passengers of Spaceship Earth to the 

   capability [in4Dto set the world of the hidden persuaders 
   on fire, once and for all, such that "BY effectively taking

   down the historic 4th WALL that kept us separate from

   NATURE and BY embracing the very fact that What IS

   Possible NOW, was never possible before - the passengers

   of Spaceship Earth in Freespace 4D™, can in[DEED] embark

   on a new collective relationship with NATURE, which

   establishes a timeless zone for communication and

   commerce [in4Dby realising the dream of a common

   language [in4D] and the whole IDEA is to reclaim y[our]

   species lost relationship, as a constituent component of

   NATURE, through permanent manifestation of the

   original concept of  The ART of the POSSIBLE.

      The continuing evolution of the collective consciousness

    of human[KIND] on planet earth has since the end of

    World War 1 the so called Great War which was supposed

    to be THE WAR that ended ALL WARS • has [BE]come well

    understood in our TIME, by the likes of Clare Graves,

    Don Beck et al as ... "an unfolding, emergent, oscillating,

    spiraling process, marked by progressive subordination

    of older, lower-order behavior systems to newer,

    higher-order systems as man’s existential problems

    change"  and as I rapidly approach my 72nd Birthday I have

    come to realise that the purpose of my own parallel timeline

    of existence in this context, on this pale blue dot , began

    with the invention at Birmingham University in the UK of the

    10cm cavity magnetron by John Randall and Harry Boot,

    an invention so extremely important, that had it not been

    invented at the time, in TIME,  would have ultimately

    resulted in the establishment of a joint German/Japanese

    ultra right wing anti-democratic, mindset of control, whose

    capital Germania would have risen above the ashes of

    humanity across the globe, by way of the nuclear holocaust

    which Hitler had planned to rain-down on the USA.  


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Comment by gregory shephard on December 30, 2022 at 15:29

Yes Michael, from this starting point, we can pinpoint 1928 -2028 as the century that resets the clock to recognize Nature with a capital "N" and thus systemically end the man vs nature lie of separation. Mapping this progress then prompts one to imagine a sequence of visual indicators starting with Fuller's Mao of the world in 4D.

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