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  THAT my early experience with the Volkswagen BEETLE, during my TIME

  at Grammar School, was at core, the very reason why I became so very

  familiar with the BAUHAUS concept of FORM follows FUNCTION, during

  the first part of my JOURNEY of TWO LIVES and that [IT] was inevitably

  my autodidactic mindsight  which transmogrified into the much deeper

  understanding of FORM follows IDEA; because when I look back on the

  entirety of MY JOURNEY of LIFE, [IT] becomes very apparent to me that

  IDEAS have been of pre-eminent importance

  [IT] had been as a result of Winston Churchill's initiative to introduce the

  IDEA of utilising the 10cm Magnetron technology to Vannevar Bush, that

  the MIT Rad Lab was subsequently established to develop airborne

  radar systems which would inevitably influence the outcome of WWII.    


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Comment by Michael Grove on August 23, 2019 at 15:31

The Design Council was established by Winston Churchill’s  wartime government in December 1944 to support Britain’s economic recovery. The Council of Industrial Design had the founding purpose of promoting ‘by all practicable means the improvement of design in the products of British industry’.

Nearly 75 years later and our purpose and activities have evolved to
meet the economic and social needs of the day. However, from our early focus on elevating the UK’s industrial design standards in post-war Britain to our current work tackling complex socio-economic challenges, we've always championed design and its ability to make life better for everyone. In 2011, Design Council was merged with the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). This extended our remit to include design in the built environment, and its ability to help shape healthier, more inclusive places.

We aim to inspire new ways of thinking drawing on design tools and techniques, encourage public debate and inform government policy. We build on the successes of our past to improve life today and help meet the challenges of tomorrow. Browse through our timeline here  to learn more about the work of Design Council and design’s historical contribution to the UK.

The Design Centre, in London's Haymarket, was officially opened on 26 April 1956 and [IT] was whilst studying Art at GCE 'O' Level that our class went on our visit, and where for the first time I saw an 
exhibit of Dieter Rams work in the form of his design for a modern radio, that was not made out of bakelite !!!???

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