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The juxtaposition of the approach to the financial support for, the dredging

of rivers and the flooding in the Somerset Levels, viz a viz the supposed

re-building of the age-old underpinnings of the broken financial system,

which drives the commitment to continuous economic growth and the

alchemy of making money out of money - as a direct result of the

collective political mind-set of the UK Government - IS proof, indeed,

of how out of touch our political and corporate masters are with the

day to day lives of the peoples of the UNITED Kingdom of Britain and

Northern Ireland.

Rather than Will Self espousing about the youthful influence on the

vagaries of modern English - I would suggest that it would be far more

important - in the context of Karl Marx and his idea that we would be the

first country to drive the concept of communist revolution - to consider

the curious case of BEING BRITISH and the old saying that ...

 the lessons of history  IS bound to REPEAT THEM.

The gene pool of the British is deep and wide and stretches back well

before the Romans even considered extending their empire, in order to

benefit from the rich resources which our land could provide. The British

are comprised of an inter-bred melting pot of eons of travellers to these

islands, off the mainland of Europe, in search of a combination of resources

and climate which existed no place else and why centuries, nay millennia

later, Britain became the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the

heart of a global empire, based on the global trading of goods, for, in the

most part, the mutual benefit of ALL parties. Even though the countries

which comprised the empire, are today independent nation states, they

still commune as a modern Commonwealth of Nations despite the fact

that our politicians have, seemingly, forgotten the lessons of history, in

their greedy, self-interested, power-seeking, retirement-plan-driven

obsession with all things Europe, the EURO and the European Union -


'ENGLISH', I would suggest, IS a relatively new phenomenon which has

happened to us British, as a result of a load of rich Norse mercenaries,

in the pay of the Kings of France, deciding that the lands of Normandy,

which they had been given in lieu of payment, were NOT ENOUGH, and

that they would also like some of these off-shore island riches for

themselves. In the context of the dealing in derivatives and credit default

swaps this sounds somewhat familiar ...

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

My own genetically and spiritually 
imbued, connection with the past,

IS undoubtedly with The British. IT IS our power-driven political

elite and their corporate cohorts, THE usurpers, who are locked into

their Englishness, in their "Castle of Londinium ".

The real power of being 
British, however, is the power of the British

peoples' use of ENGLISH as a language, that encompasses the ability

to synonymously utilise the words - sheep, lamb and mutton - and

contemplate the use of ENGLISH throughout a Common Wealth of ALL the Nations on Earth !!??


Never forgetting that ALL Conflicts in Space, Time and Culture have inevitably resulted in the immediate expenditure of LIFE and the long term 'racking up' of NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL DEBT, as well as the escalating political slavery of the vast majority of HumanKIND; and that ONLY when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will WE REALISE that WE CANNOT EAT MONEY !!!???




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Comment by Michael Grove on March 7, 2014 at 15:30

So many people have a sense of this world as unreal,
as secondary, as something ephemeral

We’re all suffering from a confusion of worlds, since we have given far more weight to abstractions - 
whether the abstract truths propounded by many of our scientific colleagues or the disembodied spiritual certainties propounded by so many new age teachings - than we do to the much more ambiguous, difficult, and dangerous world that we experience face-to-face, here and now, in the flesh.

The animate earth around us is far lovelier than any heaven we can dream up. But if we wish to awaken to its richness, we'll need to give up our detached, spectator perspective, and the illusion of control that it gives us. That is a terrifying move for most over-civilized folks today - since to renounce control means noticing that we really are vulnerable: to loss, to disease, to death. Yet also steadily vulnerable to wonder, and unexpected joy.

For all its mind-shattering beauty, this earth is hardly safe; it is filled with uncertainties, and shadows - with beings that can eat us, and ultimately will. I suppose that's why contemporary civilization seems so terrified to drop the pretense of the view from outside, the God trick, the odd belief that we can master and manage the earth.

But we can't master it - never have, never will. What we can do is to participate more deeply, respectfully, and creatively in the manifold life of this breathing mystery we’re a part of. 

David Abram during an interview with Derrick Jensen  entitled ...
Alliance for Wild Ethics || The Perceptual Implications of GAIA


Comment by Michael Grove on December 28, 2020 at 9:06

 There can [BE] no better collective underpinning

 of the concept of "myfreespace" than the IDEAS 

 proposed and then implemented by Carl Jung,  

 Peter OuspenskyTeilhard de Chardin,

 David Bohm and 'Bucky' Fuller, which have

 indelibly and inevitably influenced my very own

 Barn Owl like wisdom of understanding.


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