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A Remarkable Meeting of Minds on the Edge of Science and Spirituality • Collision and convergence in Truth and Beauty By Maria Popova

 On July 14, 1930, Albert Einstein welcomed into his home on the

 outskirts of Berlin the Indian philosopher, musician, and Nobel laureate

 Rabindranath Tagore. The two proceeded to have one of the most

 stimulating, intellectually riveting conversations in history, exploring

 the age-old friction between science and religion. Science and the

 Indian Tradition: When Einstein Met Tagore (public library) recounts

 the historic encounter, amidst a broader discussion of the intellectual

 renaissance that swept India in the early twentieth century,

 germinating a curious osmosis of Indian traditions and secular

 Western scientific doctrine.

WHAT a meeting of MINDS that must HAVE BEEN 

The right-brained natural ability of mine to manipulate

multidimensional space/time within my mind, was further

honed and utilised during my 20 year career as an Air Traffic

Controller & pilot and was at first best illustrated for me, whilst

watching this particular  Discovery Science television 

programme which was presented by Stephen Hawking; and more

recently by the NOVA programme Inside Einstein's Mind.


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Comment by Michael Grove on December 28, 2018 at 21:46


     We now know that the brain uses two contrasting strategies

     to handle information about the world. Each strategy is 

     fundamentally different and therefore quite difficult to translate

     into the other-which is not at all surprising, given the brain's

     need to accommodate the requirements of such different modes

     of operation. It is apparent that both strategies are needed in the

     long run. For some time now, human culture has been almost

     entirely dominated by tools and technologies that support the

     sequential brain strategy-linked with words. However, quite

     suddenly, in historical terms, a new set of tools has been dumped

     into our laps. We should expect that moving from one strategy to

     the other will have powerful consequences.

                                     "Thinking like Einstein" - Thomas G. West

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