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  ONE 'Scream', two screams, three screams,
   ten thousand screams - nay 6 billion screams ring out
   this night of halloween ...  in desperate attempt ...
   to suppress our mystical beginnings ?

The modern versions of our dance with mysticism and
the mythology which supports them - are all around us
and John David Ebert has found a very interesting way 
to track the transformation of Western Civilisation that
sneaked up on us while we were watching TV.

NYIP Project Redeye - Halloween Photo Challenge

William Irwin Thompson - has said in the forward to Ebert's epic - " Poets may think in images, and therefore sneer at fake icons, but they also feel with sounds, and perceive with hyper-dimensional sensitivities the crashing of the long waves of time on the shores of civilisations. So for members of our esoteric guild, the period of 1967 to 1972  was the time when a new Zeitgeist landed on Earth, when mathematics moved from Advanced Institutes in Paris into public life as catastophe theory began to morph into - chaos dynamics and [the wikipedia version of ] complex dynamical systems.

Mandlebrot touched a key on his computer and ghostly equations took on new incarnations as
fractal landscapes. James Lovelock would capture an electron in a device of his own invention, like a sorceror capturing a genie in a bottle, and then envision the planet not as a rock carrying life as a passenger but as a larger entity of life that never made it onto the screen of human perception.

All the old world views that had been cleared out by the monocrop mentality of modernization began coming back like tough weeds carried by a stronger wind, and yoga, zen, sufism, Kabbalah, and animism returned in the company of this Zeitgeist."
THE challenge of LIFE - awareness, being, enlightenment, evolution, fear,
humor& inspiration - to us ALL @ zaadz TODAY is - to master the art of change
NOW - & in so doing assume all-inclusive collective responsibilty for the
consequences of letting the genie out of the bottle !

Human beings are unique in retaining the capacity for play.

Human adults, however, continue to enjoy playing with different possibilities,
and, like children, we go on creating imaginary worlds.

No better evidence of the evolution and consequences of this process - has come to light as a result of the Integral Cinema Studio series, which has been published in two parts.

equally appropriate, in this context however, IS ...

which is based around the concept of 6 Killer apps ...

Competition, Science,
and THE Work Ethic.

I would suggest that the REAL Killer app

First published by Michael Grove @zaadz on 31st October 2006


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about 22 hours later Michael said

Halloween dates back more than 2000 years to the time of the Celts who lived in Britain and Northern France. It has its roots in the feast of Samhain, which took place each year to honour the dead. Celts wore masks at Halloween to avoid detection by the spirits and ghosts that they believed roamed the land on All Hallow's Eve.

It is believed that the Irish began the ” trick or treat ” tradition. In preparation for a communal feast on All Hallow's Eve, townsfolk would visit neighbours asking for contributions of food. An estimated ONE billion dollars is spent on sweets in the US each year to pacify trick or treaters.

6 months later cHAngel said

OH MY GOSH…1 billion? Enough for a huge relief project, Michael.

Cut all CHristmas presents out… but one per person at christmas…..just imagine….hmm

over 2 years later Michael said

AS I said back then, WE MUST NOW assume all-inclusive collective responsibility

for the consequences of LETTING the GENIE out of the bottle !

Having realised the political delusions of its masters, IT IS TIME
for the PEOPLE of “Fantasy Island to awaken to the differences

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