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for LIFE - Ecocide OR We Decide?

Changing Course for LifeLocal Solutions to Global Problems ” is a

manual for change a wake up call for us to take back control of our

lives before they become irreversibly controlled. The book examines

where we lost our way : historically, socially, environmentally,

agriculturallyeconomically, technologically, and in law, education 

and spiritIt demonstrates how to now resolve the key dilemmas brought

about via ‘wrong doing in each of these spheres – and beyond.

Changing Course for Life focuses on pragmatic human scale resolutions

to conflicting socio-economic problems, proposing realiseable ‘local’

solutions as an antidote to rapidly developing global crises.

Through the channeling of reawakened human energies into a process

of root and branch societal reform, the author forsees a ‘new renaissance’

of hope, creative endeavour that can reshape our perilous planetary

existence and lead to a deeper and more subtle relationship between

man and nature as well as between fellow human beings.

Julian Rose draws together all the strands of his highly diverse life experiences and, in a multidimensional vision of the future, calls for an uncompromising commitment to dynamic, decentralised community leadership as the chief vehicle for overcoming the dominant and life threatening Orwellian collusion between corporate greed and political ineptitude. He foresees this new beginning blossoming into a life-affirming process of humanistic and spiritual self realisation.”

(New European Publications)

As Julian says himselfIt’s NOT about ‘making money ’, but making a

fresh start. A fresh start in a way of life that does not trash the planet,

but rather contributes to its emancipation and amelioration. A way of

life which can open one’s soul to the pull of nature, one’s hands to

contact with the soil and the tools of the artisan. For if we are to be

against ecocide, we need also to be for life. That demands action

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Comment by Michael Grove on November 1, 2013 at 7:18

We now know that we can no longer continue causing harm to our Earth. What we consume, how we live, how we source our energy - all of this we now know is no longer working. Diagnosis has been given. Good news is that it's not quite as bad as it could be. There are problems, but they are surmountable. It's not too late to put in place a new system. The old one is clearly not for the best and we know what looms ahead if we continue on that path.

The old system is based on destruction and disregard for the long-term consequences, but there is another way: a new system based on first do no harm and looking ahead. What plays out in the macro is mirrored in the micro. Just as it is with the Earth, so too what we do to ourselves can be harmful and have adverse impact for years to come. What we do now can send long ripples into our futures that sets us on a path that takes us very far from where we originally stood.

Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2017 at 9:01



Never forgetting of course that according to Wikipedia's Wi-Fi Entymology, the yin-yang Wi-Fi logo indicates the certification of a product for interoperability and whilst having a [RE]read of my Telecommunications Timeline, as background for my recent FCC facebook post, which I first published in the Mac Times back in
1990, as one of a series to explain the advent of the concept of ...
Interactive Multimedia Communications,

I also 
read my First One Hundred Piece Jigsaw piece… which has a good appendix comment, which I put together about the “real problems” which will be inevitably imposed by rapid-growth in an existing global virtual marketplace where the process of “ever increasingly changing change” is the status quo.  


Comment by Michael Grove on December 24, 2020 at 11:29

What better way to commemorate Poly Higgins and her ERADICATING ECOCIDE Global Initiative than this 'Living the Change' proposal from Charles Eisenstein !!!???

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