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to live HAPPILY one must live UNSEEN

Walk gently, leaving tracks only where they can make a difference.

Where no difference can be made, walk without leaving tracks.

Pass through life unseen and invisible, yet affecting change everywhere.


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Comment by Michael Grove on February 2, 2011 at 22:42

IS THERE any end to the wonder of the vast Universe in which we live,

to the magic of the Earth on which for a while we dwell, to the marvel

to be found within the miniature of that Universe which is our Soul ?


LIFE IS but a crescendo of storms with resting intervals.


Frankly the entirety of human consciousness - at any stage throughout its evolution - has known ALL that was needed to be known in order that ALL should be of mutual benefit to everyone.


Pass through life unseen and invisible, effecting change everywhere

Comment by Michael Grove on January 3, 2012 at 8:18





.. in quiet contemplation and awe of - the multitudinous combinations of atoms and molecules which independently and interdependently constitute our universe - and the fact that our species to date appears to be the only combination of atoms and molecules which is individually and collectively conscious of an energetic connection and interconnection with ALL that constitutes the whole.

An energetic connection and interconnection which our species has individually and collectively described as a spiritual phenomenom - a spiritual phenomenom which has been hi-jacked from the outset, by ALL things religious and subsequently political, academic & scientific; as a tool with which the minds of those that would follow can be divisively manipulated by the minds of those that would lead.

Comment by Michael Grove on January 3, 2012 at 10:31

As OSHO once said in juxto-position to this "hi-jacking" of the spiritual phenomenom ...

" Only once in the whole history of human consciousness has a thing like ZEN come into being.



SO where did each and every ONE of our species come from "before our parents met " ?


Frankly the entirety of human consciousness - at any stage throughout its evolution - has known ALL that was needed to be known in order that ALL should be of mutual benefit to everyone.

Comment by Michael Grove on January 4, 2012 at 9:35
Comment by Michael Grove on January 4, 2012 at 15:32

" I've heard conflicting reports of Deepak Chopra and I claim no knowledge of even his smallest hypotheses, but I must say he's on to something with what he says in this particular video.

Quantum mechanics and consciousness are undoubtedly entwined (or should I say entangled), as far as I can intuitively understand it."


Comment by Michael Grove on January 5, 2012 at 15:57

My avatar is a bronze and ceramic bust created by a dyslexic artist friend - & represents for me the everlasting light which eminates from within as a result of allowing GOD to be GOD from inside of ONE SELF.

As my zaadz profile explained - I was raised in the Church of England - but my left handed, gemini & dyslexic disposition - ambidextrocity happens as a result of left-handers living in a right-handed world - allowed me to question what I was been encouraged to think, believe & know as TRUTH.

The vast majority of priests & politicians - and their latter day cohorts the scientists & academics - have conspired to manipulate the juxtoposition of the past and the future to blind the populace to the REALITY of the HERE & NOW - and in so doing prevent each and everyone of us from having the essence of ZEN experience which Eckhart Tolle refers to as - walking along the razor's edge of NOW.

It is THE art of ZEN indeed - purely as a mechanism of understanding - that has made me a better believer in Jesus as Jesus, NOT Jesus as Christ and as such realise that he was indeed only one of a whole line of prophets expounding the word of god - and yet very concise in his reference to the Kingdom.

I also acknowledge that - a new life IS, in this age, stirring within all the peoples of the earth - which of course is the Kingdom of GOD - but in view of the fact that -

Racism originates not in the skin but in the human mind. Remedies to racial prejudice, xenophobia and intolerance must accordingly address first and foremost those mental illusions that have for so many thousands of years given rise to false concepts of superiority and inferiority among human populations.

At the root of all forms of discrimination and intolerance is the erroneous idea that humankind is somehow composed of separate and distinct races, peoples or castes, and that those sub-groups innately possess varying intellectual, moral, and/or physical capacities, which in turn justify different forms of treatment.

The reality is that there is only the one human race. We are a single people, inhabiting the planet Earth, one human family bound together in a common destiny, a single entity created from one same substance, obligated to “be even as one soul.”

Comment by Michael Grove on January 5, 2012 at 16:19

... and that I have always believed that HOMO SAPIENS as part of the ONE entity comprises - individuals, families of individuals, a nation of families & a family of nations

… my own SOUL on Earth destiny is to act as catalyst in the process of establishing a mechanism to allow ALL 7.0 billion on Earth to avail themselves of the opportunity to make the switch - such that when the switch has been affected by the majority of SOULs on Earth - an organic change in the structure of present-day society, a change such as the world has not yet experienced - would be produced.

From being a child, I have long held the viewpoint - that the ‘force' inside of me was the same force that existed in everyone else - regardless of race, language or religion - & that everybodies position was NOT their own - but that which they had been encouraged to partake in - through the ‘efforts' of parents, piers, teachers, leaders etc.

I could not then understand or initially come to terms with - why so much of the big picture - which I have always found so easy to comprehend - was seemingly inaccessible to ALL of those that I came in contact with.

Equally - & in stark contrast to this understanding - at 60 years of age I have yet to master the art of tying my shoe laces and have long since subscribed to the likes of Timberland footwear.

Up to 9 years of age I was - without question - @peace with the world & all that it then comprised for me - but an event then took place in my life when - during a thrashing from my piers, I would have strangled a fellow human being to death, had it not been for others prising my hands away from the throat of my potential ‘victim' - in the flash of the moment I realised I could no longer survive in the world I inhabited - unless I began to stand up for myself and adopt the ways that others - in this strange world - had established as their modus operandi.

I subsequently came to the understanding that my destiny in life was to provide the mechanisms by which ALL my fellow human beings could be @peace with the world & all that it comprised for them.

Comment by Michael Grove on January 9, 2012 at 10:17
Comment by Michael Grove on February 1, 2012 at 16:56

IN a holographic "something" - every piece of something mirrors the whole something.

The Divine Matrix - 20 Keys of Conscious Creation - Key 13 - Gregg Braden

Through the hologram of consciousness, a little change in our lives is mirrored everywhere in our world - The Divine Matrix - 20 Keys of Conscious Creation 

- Key 15 - Gregg Braden





Comment by Michael Grove on February 4, 2012 at 11:28


What is Life? INDEED - as Carter Phipps concludes ...


"So, what is Life? To me it seems clear that we barely understand the question. But it’s also true that fascinating things emerge as we try to give answers. Kudos to Mlodinow and Chopra for giving us more food for thought."


“We live in one of those rare moments in human history when the deepest metaphysical questions are being turned over and examined as we search for a new orientation that will serve us for the next millennium. It would be hard to find a better guide into this fascinating conversation than Carter Phipps.”

Brian Swimme, PhD


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