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  [IS] a fantasy no more and ONLY the FEDERALISTS will CHEER THAT


  Twice during last week's European Parliament debate with Angela Merkel,

  I felt as if an icy hand had gripped my heart. The first was when I heard

  the Chancellor call for creation of "real, true" EU armyThe second was

  when I saw our own country's Euro-fanatic Labour MEPs give her a

  standing ovation. What a divisive scheme from the leader of a country

  whose security and restored unity is truly guaranteed by NATO.

  What a shameful response from MEPs who have always wanted Britain

  locked fast into a federalist Europe of "ever deeper union'" - instead

  of a truly global Britain that reaches out to the world. The same instinct

  that leaves them desperate for ever more centralisation also sees them

  on their feet cheering for Angie Merkel's Barmy Army. Driving this growing

  clamour for an EU defence force is a frightening combination of two

  ingredients - systematic disregard for the truth, and overweening

  ambition. Throughout history these two have been dangerous enough

  in isolation - but brought together they create a formula with terrifying


  The lack of truth - I would say THE BIG LIE - is found in the unceasing

  mantra from those signed up to the European Project... the one that insists

the EU has created 60 years of peace.

  The EU is a product of 60 years of peace and relative stability,

  not the other way roundThat peace was delivered by the Allies 

  and the stability confirmed, consolidated and continued by Nato.

  America's role in underpinning and underwriting all this should 

  [BE] recognised and respected, not besmirched as it was when 

  President Macron made his own recent plea for an EU army.

  Macron called for a "real European army" to defend

  the continent against China, Russia and the US.





   in the bedrooms of the peoples of the MEMBER STATE NATIONS ...

     AS Pierre Trudeau once said "THERE [IS] NO PLACE for the State in the

   bedrooms of the Nation", when paraphrasing  Leonard Cohen's line ...

   "The RICH have got their CHANNELS in the BEDROOMS of the POOR"


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