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Ynys Meical Pembrokeshire, Wales

 THE SPiRALogic WAY of NATURE [in4D]™  Freespace 4D TAO of NATURE

 One of the most famous spirals of all is seen in DNA and this too exhibits

 the golden mean. A single cycle of DNA is 34 angstroms [an angstrom is

 one ten-billionth of a metre] long and 21 angstroms wide. An attentive

 reader may have noted that these don't just approach the golden mean,

 these numbers sit next to each other on the Fibonacci sequence. DNA

 displays the ratio of the golden mean because DNA is the ultimate in

 efficient packing: the SECRETS of LIFE packed into its tiny spirals.

                                     Dr. Daniel Keown - The Spark in the Machine

AS the vast majority of flights from Europe to the USA, set out on their daily journeys, they enter the Shanwick Oceanic Control Area by way of the Stumble DVOR, and are then handed over to Gander Oceanic Control. The other main entry point from UK airspace so to speak, is by way of the Wallasey DVOR, which is further augmented by the Deans Cross DVOR.

The Strumble VOR/DME is situated SW of Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. It takes it's name from nearby Strumble Head. It's on the edge of a field near to the coast and is accessed from a pathway from a small country road.

Having been in service for over 30 years and to ensure their reliability for the future (until around 2030) the equipment was replaced by new kit in 2016. The VOR itself is being replaced by completely new equipment provided by Thales. All other internal equipment was assessed and replaced as necessary and a Flight Trial was conducted, in conjunction with Engineering Teams onsite to ensure functionality and calibration. This Project represented a significant investment by NATS to ensure continued service provision that can be supported and maintained for the foreseeable future.


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