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  [BE]ing realised  as a process of  LEARNING to LEARN 

  I can only concur with Sharon Peters' conclusion that 

  "Tara Westover is living proof that some people are

  flat-out, boots-always-laced-up indomitable"; and that

  "Her new book, Educated published by Random House,

  is a heartbreaking, heartwarming, best-in-years memoir

  about striding beyond the limitations of birth and

  environment into a better life."

  Further to that which I would personally regard as a

  particularly anal question about Educated at Goodreads,

  by Patricia Barry, this answer from Colette certainly sets the

  scene for the discussion of the very issues raised in Tara's

  mind-blowingly revealing book, which for me highlights  

  the consequences of consequences of THE complex subject, 

  which IS in[DEED] the cult of religion ...

  "To whom are you referring when you state, "educated and

  worldly individual"?  Have you read the book?  Tara was

  certainly not educated and worldly, thus the world she

  knew to be normal was the life experience she had. She

  began her story from the perspective of the beginning of

  her life, her world."

  ... and this later comment • which for me 
hits the nail on

  the head so to speak, in respect of Philip Larkin's first lines

  of his poem This Be The Verse... "They fuck you up, your

  mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do" • from

  Marsmannix ...

  "Unless you have been raised in a closed, fundamentalist

   sytem, and I was in one for 26 years, (no matter what

   flavor: Islam, Hassidic, or differing flavors of Christian)

   you have no idea of the level of brainwashing, gaslighting,

   emotional abuse that goes on. Your very ability to

   perceive external reality is distorted through the lens of

   the system. Yes, it was horrible to read the abuse & how it

   was ratoinalized. Again, unless you've been in it, of course   

   the outsider will shake their head and condemn the victim."




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Comment by Michael Grove on June 28, 2018 at 9:08

AS an individual who was encouraged by my parents as well as both maternal and paternal grandparents, to understand that I was different from the majority, BUT that even the majority was comprised of a multitude of differences and that I should adopt a totally open minded approach towards every one of the multitude of perspectives of those differences, both individually and collectively, I can only concur with Sharon Peters' conclusion that ...

 "Tara Westover is living proof that some people are

  boots-always-laced-up indomitable"; and that "Her new book,

  Educated published by Random House, is a heartbreaking,

  heartwarming, best-in-years memoir about striding beyond the

  limitations of birth and environment into a better life."


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