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Posted on May 11th, 2007 by L. Diane : SoulSpeak L. Diane
…Upon moving through the world amongst our fellow beings, endeavor to take each step with an open mind and willing heart. Each time we feel ourselves responding to someone or something with the action we call judgment – ‘judgment’ being guided by personal insecurity, misinformation and lack of knowledge, producing fear of the unknown and lending to creating in our mind interpretations of what the ‘truth’ is, filling the gap of unknowingness with something that our own mind finds acceptable, and is also a tool for our personal growth and development - delve deep into our core, open our hearts and our minds, and allow judgment and fear of that which we choose to not understand to be replaced with acceptance, and further call upon courage to emulate, by way of our very existence, the creative mind within which we all thrive. After all, are we not all but expressions of one? Seek to discover within which emotions we manifest and of those expressions those we experience harmony with; and choose to live there, and grow from there; touching all who come to visit the home within our being with grace, dignity, respect, and complete and full acceptance; understanding and growing in tune with the underlying nature of those we encounter on our paths, ultimately discovering our own true nature through the illusion of separateness. In separateness we find our way back to oneness by contemplating how to once again become personally whole. By looking inward at our outward expressions, we encourage discovery of the meanings behind our actions and come to realize that what we see in others are reflections of our own insecurities and undeveloped nature in particular regards…an opening of the heart and mind requires taking responsibility for ones own emotional creations. BE.
The TRUTH IS that we participate in ONE MIND - which hasn't lost its infinite status by existing in the small packages of individual human beings - Super Brain p308


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