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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

THE PATH of ZEN values participation. What participation means is that it cannot [BE] ordered by teachers and elders, [IT] cannot [BE]done for you by colleagues, [IT] cannot [BE] adulterated by external energies, [IT] cannot [BE] confined by outward form...

[IT] IS only in the POWER of YOUR OWN MIND.

GO right ahead boldly and fiercely like a GREAT WARRIOR with a single sword mounted on a lone horse, plunging into a million-man army to kill the commander. That would [BE] outstanding, would [IT] NOT?

BUT IF you think about whether [IT] will [BE] hard or easy, and worry about whether [IT] IS far or near, anxious about whether you will succeed or fail, then you cannot even stand on your own…





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