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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion at least get access to archived copies of the Magazine

if you go through the process of registering your interest in

DOING SO. I did so in order that I could access the article

about the launching of *zaadz but unfortunately there is no

index to assist in the process, so if anyone knows which

issue of  the magazine contained that article I would be

most obliged if they would do so.

This Gaia Community *zBlog cyber-presence was established with its cyber-speak "transistion" strap-line of COMPASSION, COLLABORATION & COOPERATION at the time when ALL of us *zaadsters had been given the very short notice that the site and it's contents, were about to be archived themselves but in a manner that they could NOT [BE] accessible or utilisable. [IT] was at that point that I tried to grab as much of the important stuff as possible as a SEED of CONTINUITY of ALL that was *zaadz.


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