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  ...of Buckminster Fuller's IDEA of a sustainable future for

  human[KIND] as custodians of ALL the passengers of 

  Spaceship Earth, was first established as part and parcel

  of my own • MINDSIGHT during my spare time whilst I  

  was studying at Grammar School, when I was constructing

  a model of the Vickers Wellington, which because of its

  geodesic design and construction, survived more sorties

  during WWII than any other bomber.   

  The urgency and level of caring necessary must NOW be no

  less than planetary in its scope. It's taken some fourteen

  billion years for life and consciousness to gain the capacity

  for self- consciousness, while at the same time the

  biosphere, which makes life possible, is now threatened.

  But to generate the quality of solutions and level of moral

  caring that will be necessary to save the biosphere, society,

  our education system, and ourselves, we must change the

  level of our own thinking. It's time to focus our energy

  and exploration on the inward dimension of what it means

  to be an evolving human being.

  As Don Beck once proposed when quoting Einstein ...

  "Our problems cannot be solved using the same level of

   thinking that created them." In order to take this next

   Momentous Leap in human evolution, "[IT]'s critical that

   we find the cartographers of consciousness, and the

   mapmakers of the terrain". And as Scandinavia is one

   of the regions centred on the tipping point to second tier,

   it's within our potential take on this challenge...

  "to provide for the rest of the world the    

   kinds of models that the world needs."


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Comment by Michael Grove on January 30, 2020 at 22:49

Comment ...

Bucky Explained For the Rest of Us

The author is uniquely qualified to clarify Fuller's transcendental Synergetic Geometry. She presents the insights and logic behind Fuller's decades-long discovery of Nature's own coordinating system. Step by step, she leads the reader through a comprehensive review of the basic principles of  Synergetics. If you tried reading this 2 volume work with limited success, this book will make Bucky's intuitions, writing style, integrity, and achievements beautifully comprehensible. Keep in mind that this material is pure math. For a non-technical presentation of Fuller's ideas, a book like Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth would be more appropriate.

Marc Linden

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