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[BE]come increasingly apparent to ME•WE that there [IS] an

URGENT NEED for the provision of some Artistic Freespace

in cyberspace, where the banality of the situation with

which the passengers of Spaceship Earth are faced, can be

openly discussed in a TRULY WYSIWYG fashion, rather than

surrendering to an ANDROID world MINDSET of BANALITY. 

I have chosen to adopt the concept of an 'ANDROID WORLD BANALITY' ...

to in some way describe • as a consequence of my 72 years experience of

the consequences of consequences of homo sapiens influence on the

evolutionary process of the complex system which IS Spaceship Earth

the dire situation with which  ME•WE are NOW faced, in view of the

fact that all things WYSIWYG have been entirely subsumed by ANDROID.

ANDROID is defined by various dictionaries as a robot, automaton, cyborg with

a human appearance • whereas ANDROID as an operating system, IS most

indefatigably not reflective of any kind of human appearance, whether it [BE]

WYSIWYG or NOT !!!???

[IT] was Leonardo da Vinci who proposed that…

“Dreams are the passionate release of our souls, and in

 them is the spirit contained by which we should persevere

 and fulfil our lives, so that in death we will have acquitted

 our dues and not been envious of others. ALL is in NATURE

 and ME•WE are ALL a circumstance of NATURE

 and Rachel Carson who later concluded that... 

"What we have to face is not an occasional dose

 of poison  which has accidentally got into some

 article of food, but a persistent and continuous

 poisoning of the whole human environment"




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