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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

A Global Leader, propelled within a personal atmosphere of balanced spirit

and physical flow, inspires to know collective energy; eliciting positive

action on behalf of humanity and earths environment. Acquisition of

knowledge is drawn from collective truth known to humanity at any given

point; peaceful intention, garnered with will into action, lends to

development of sustenance, of freedom; eradicating war; piece by peace -

peace by piece.


In no dissimilar manner than European Leadership must represent the

collective leadership mindset of the nation states as representatives of

ALL of Europe's citizens - so also does Global Leadership require a

total commitment to the entirety of our species being pro-Global and

pro-integrationist citizens preferably in consort with the ideas of CHE and

underpinned  by the SDi model.

Dimitrios Triaantaphyllou concluded last month in his comment on

the ECFR article - Think again: European Decline -

"This also explains in part why Europe is deemed to be declining and

China and others ascending…it has to do with believing in the potential 

for transformation and change … as a committed pro-European and

pro-integrationist citizen, I very much fear we Europeans have very much

lost this belief in ourselves, our potential, and our abilities to believe in

our common project. This is where the challenge for Europe lies.."


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Comment by Michael Grove on May 27, 2013 at 10:02

Consciousness is not something that can be sucked out of being to leave an awareness-free

“ontology” lying around waiting to be known by some other sentient being; consciousness, rather,

goes all the way down, and forms part of the intrinsic awareness and intrinsic creativity of each

ontological being or holon.  Whitehead’s “ultimate category - namely,

the creative advance into novelty”—is part of the prehension of each and every being in

existence, and the creative-part cannot be ripped from the being‑part without severe violence. 

To postulate the most fundamental level of reality as merely ontology—being without knowing

or consciousness or creativity—is basically a 1st-tier move that shatters the Wholeness of this

and every real occasion.

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