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First Posted on May 23rd, 2009 by Nishtha : Imaginative Mellifluous Philosopher Nishtha

Enjoy the beauty of diversity....


INDIA is still a magical place.

What we hear most often about the Motherland these days is her

extraordinary leap into the modern world, her burgeoning prosperity,

and her enormous contribution to the global economy. And while this

is all true, I feel her greatest gift to the world still remains what she

IS most famous for: the gift of spirituality.

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 Meenakshi : ~

about 8 hours later
Meenakshi said

I just LOVE this! Would you consider sharing it at Inter-faith images in the One Light Many Windows group?

[don't ask me why, but somehow the background reminds me of Valley of the Kings in Egypt!!]

martha : wildlygentle

29 days later
martha said

Very cool sign! Ah! Signs of tolerance! Signs of acceptance!

Praveer : ~ Frisson ~

about 1 month later
Praveer said

This sign - and others like it - is up in Ladakh, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, one of the fiercest battlegrounds in the world. It was
posted by Indian soldiers, who are, not surprisingly, Hindus, Jains,
Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Zorastrians, among
others. They fight a nightmarish 24X7 war against jehadis - mostly Al
Qaida and Lashkar e Taiba - and exmplify unity in diversity. I have
passed by this sign and been overcome with gratitude that any human
beings would fight to keep me so safe in my home in faraway Delhi. This
is extremely high altitude terrain and some of the hardest places to
defend. Yet, when I've shared a cup of tea, or snacks with some of the
soldiers, I've never caught a whiff of resentment or self pity about
the conditions, here. All they ask is to be rmembered for their
contributions, should aything happen to them. Thank you for reminding
me, Nishtha.

TWIN AESOP MICE : Civil-whirled Capitalism

3 months later

Celebration! associate population's co-reli(ght)+ions having visionarily empathing maukif (habitual epicentering juxtapostion) helix reli(ght)+ion info threading path recompassed to authenticity <> sanctity <> frugality
sharing (heaven on earth) co-manifestation – that, from this space
journey port of call, many get reequipped whith righteus Googling
engine – that's 24 hrs gathering the momentum of living building
slide-ruling Durga + uplinks + downlinks + compassionlinks (0, 1)
resurrealism nanonirvanaly mahouting intellect's
wild-lion-hope-surrealism of Kali (-1, 0, 1 animation enscripting

That's so clever + cunning + scheming + manipulating and politically luring +
reli(ght)ionly occulting, emotionally hedonisn in surrealizing hopes –
that's ethylizing leadership vitue by smashing whiffs sprang out of
resentment, self pity, long-haul lusts of the past (this minute
backward) life, championship defeding, and face-saving – that's
self-destrutive and keep throwing hurting, ruining, destructing TTT
(think, talk, touch) karmic boomerangs – that spoil, void, burn down
every total, (w)ho(l)ly constructive-manifestation wave via life
engines on earth – that's worthwhile co-sustaining for living wisely
well together.

Go, Go, Go Onnnnn: Keep heaing on, dear theistic or atheistic (just man-made words) evant-garde (life lab living) Ev(e)angels. We
relearn (by spontaeous, simultenous 6 senses) to live by practice
living diluting/ purifying/ rectifying ethyl-polluted left-leg
bio-electromagnetic fields of time-tide-rivever – that carriying,
halfly meiotetic life-seed-spore generat(e)+ionnnnnnnnnnns of
artificial-flower-garland recognition, cirtification, qualification –
that's over-radiating ethyled bioelectromagnetic fields [ex+pond(ing)
feeling vibrations] of artificial matching selections clandestinely,
socially, economically, reli(ght)+ionally, politically.

IT-tech presentations resonating, synchronizing, integrating to Angel Monisha's
natural lotus (ex)ponding like this empower micro-namas-macro-thinking
in+spir(e)+rat(Aesop Mice flocks)+ion (LOL!) – to amplify, convey,
relay sensurround intrigues, growing mutual/ communal
righteous-intima-membrane linknodes (universalNet WIFI modem router)
re-activ(e)+a(c)t+ions) – that's accelerandoly growing-whirling-piling
up more and more and more un-biased, integral IT-tech-web-waves threads;

That engenders sky-wide(high-involution)-aimed, evergrowing vis(ta)+ion on
righteous helix path (ascension) – that enables ion body flying, icon
body walking in devi+nat+ion's z z z z z z z z nanonirvana (0.01 - 0.10
Hz) leader-life-enginge's nanosecond-eudaemonism – that's co-cooling,
balancing dwelling-in-whriling action-in-inaction/ less / low action
in all circumstances – that saves life-seed-spore-caravan
cell-divisionnnnn and breeding generationnnnnnnnns from getting
dragged/ lured/ artificially hooked/ intertwened into
hell-fire-FrechFried events/ conditions/ situations)
gen-x(accomulative fragile syndrome) and gen-(wh)]y (trying to be good
but hurt?). — And, that …..

Ha! Ha! We, Aesop Mice practice writing, speaking, acting in such a way to
avoid left brain's understanding — consensus prophetic “cultism
[break-through reli(ght)+ion penetrating canopying hungry ghosts'
[reli(ght)ion occultism” strategy].

DownloadReading via your deva+devi ass+(sociate)+ion cathedral (back brain + brain-stem antennas
– where you sense constraint/ density of lingering stress). Your
left-brain-freed mind <> soul <> eased icon body

Namaste & Thanks Monisha,
We all RC crazy Fantatrue Nation citizens love you, unconditionally & unbiasedly

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