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Let us now continue to use Escher's work as the starting point of the journey

- in the context of Andrew Cohen's statement that -

"giving cogniscence to the moral context leads to an awakening of the sense of super ethical self "
10 Days to Touch 10 Million: Your life matters...

- as we move towards the "prism of enlightenment"

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Michael : catalyst-producer

8 months later
Michael said

In order for us to start the journey - in the context of God's Playing a New Game - we must acknowledge that a motivation must exist for the subject of one stage to become the object of the subject of the next stage - of our own personal development.

In the context of the psycho-analytical background of The Century of the Self - that motivation - in the first instance - is one which will allow I self to recognise WE, IT, ITS as a result of establishing an understanding of gross/body, subtle/mind and causal/spirit.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 3 years later
Michael said

You realize I am the creator in the midst of the fact that there are six or seven billion other creators. But the ultimate truth is I’m really the only one. So what does it mean to be the only one, within the understanding of the fact that there are six or seven billion other “only ones” who may
or may not know who they really are? The individual who awakens to this
fact is inspired to take absolute responsibility for what it means to
be the only one, in the midst of six or seven billion others.

It means within my own means, I’m going to take absolute responsibility for creating the future. It means I know it’s completely up to me. It means we’re no longer deferring responsibility, no longer making
excuses. This kind of realization puts a different kind of evolutionary
stress or evolutionary tension on the individual to take responsibility in a very practical, very immediate, and very personal way for what it actually means for me to evolve. You realize I’m the only one who can consciously evolve because I’m the one who created all this.
That may seem like an audacious statement, but what’s interesting is
that when you experience that One and recognize it to be your own Self,
at the deepest level, you can begin to intuit an answer to that
perennial question, “Why did something come from nothing?”—and not as
an abstract philosophical speculation, but from the inside out, so to
speak. In that experience, you can almost imagine what it would be like
to be God, abiding for billions of eons of no-time, before the universe
was created. It becomes apparent that you have only two choices: you
could either continue to do what you have been doing (which is nothing)
forever, or you could do the only possible thing that you could do, which would be to endeavor to create a material universe in your own image.

The emerging postmodern self
must have the guts to let in that as we evolve, God evolves. That the evolution of God is our evolution, nondually, which is really the end of our traditional religious
orientations in the most thrilling way and which empowers the self and
spiritualizes postmodern life in the most complete way possible.”

Andrew Cohen

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Comment by Michael Grove on June 22, 2012 at 9:51

A Profound Responsibility

When we awaken to the infinite panorama of evolution, we realize ourselves to be nothing less than the very leading edge of a fourteen-billion-year cosmic process—a cosmic process that gave rise to the vast matter and energy that created galaxies, planets, and stars. That process created the conditions that made it possible for biological life to emerge around four billion years ago. And then, from biological life, 200,000 years ago mind burst forth as the dramatic beginning of human consciousness and culture. Now, the energy and intelligence that initiated that process and has been driving it all along is dependent upon you and me. For the human being who begins to realize this, the implications on a personal level are profound and overwhelming. Indeed, our responsibility for where evolution is going, at the level of our shared culture, is much bigger than most of us are aware of.

—Andrew Cohen

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