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    Hitachi aspires to drive innovation together in order

    to make positive contributions to society, working

    smarter, faster and more creatively towards a better


     Why Social Innovation must continue in these uncertain times.

     As pressures mount on our economic and social landscapes,

     there are precise reasons why businesses should not be

     reluctant to start pushing the boundaries in urban collaboration.


        As a rule, markets dislike uncertainty. Shifting patterns and

     changing trends are usually a cause for concern when it comes

     to brokering deals – if you can’t forecast with confidence, the mantra

     tends to be: back off until things settle down. High-risk innovation

     and long-term programmes are then the first to be shelved as all

     efforts go into securing the bottom line but perhaps they shouldn’t.

                                                              Philip Smith - The Telegraph


      ZEN teaches that our approach to today determines our whole approach to life.  

      The Japanese call this attitude Ichi-nichi issho : 'EACH day is a LIFEtime.'



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Going against the grain; disrupting the status quo. This curated collection of articles explores the themes of disruptive design, sustainability, cognitive science, gamification, social innovation, positive change interventions and the systems that connect it all.



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