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across ALL Northern Hemisphere Hadley Cell Boundaries

The Coriolis Effect, is an effect that I first began to truly understand, as moving to the right with height, when I started flying in hot-air balloons, subsequent to my Air Traffic Control meteorological training and particularly my experience of the effect of Jetstreams on the daily route planning of Air Traffic across the North Atlantic, during my work experience at Prestwick Oceanic Control. 


It was ICAO who delegated the control of Air Traffic flying across the North Atlantic to Canada and the UK, such that the planning of predetermined Westbound/Eastbound tracks takes place twice daily between the Gander and Prestwick Oceanic Air Traffic Control Centres and they are set in accordance with the meteorologically predicted flow of the Jetstreams, which during my time at Prestwick over half a century ago, rarely crossed the Hadley Cell boundaries. 
Those Jetstreams today however, increasingly gyrate across the cell boundary layers in accordance with a more violent manifestation of this particular meteorological phenomenon, as a direct result of the violent warmair v polarair interaction, which has itself itself resulted from planet earth hotting up, because of increased carbon dioxide being released from the earth into the atmosphere.

As you can see from the very latest real-time update of the situation by way of the image in the top-right of this piece,  

the Jet Stream activity across ALL Northern Hemisphere Cell Boundaries has become even more chaotic, than back in July and most certainly NOT in accordance with the meandering Jet Stream activity within and across Hadley Cell Boundaries, as was the normal during the time of my own Oceanic Control familiarisation training. 



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