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Analyse the Role the Media Plays in Your Life ... way of "CALMING THE CHAOS"

Most of the time, news of disasters and tragedy wash over us. But in a certain sort of mood, our defences start to crumble. Maybe we don't get out much, perhaps we've no longer got too many things to feel bullish about close to home. Our vision can narrow. We fail to keep the vast open spaces of nature in[MIND]; & we particularly forget about the Andean Plateau and the Great Western Desert.

We have to insist, as our mood sinks, that the media doesn't find REALITY; it concocts it. It decides - every day in its newsrooms - what apparently 'happened'. And yet so much happens outside of what happens. [IF] we are to endure, we have to keep the normal, more representative and calmer moments of humanity in our thoughts at all times.

Many of us don't have an infinity of reasons to find life bearable and we can run through them fairly quickly on a bad day. We don't need, on top of everything else, to remain in a cage constructed for us by people whose livelihoods depend on digging up ever renewed sources of ignominy and pain. We can learn to tell the story of humanity in our own way, for our own sakes. There [IS] no inbuilt requirement for us to remain transfixed by everything that distresses us. We can start to weave and read a fairer and more bearable version of reality.

In a better world, the media would be reformed from the ground up. It would be institutionally geared towards looking for solutions. [IT] would NEVER INFLAME SITUATIONS, IT WOULD [BE] KIND and it would highlight virtue, it would educate us in patience, hope and resilience, it would give us role models who were within reach; it would be genuinely trained on trying to improve society. [IT] would be productive in its criticisms. In assessing those who had done wrong, it would be trained on rehabilitation rather than condemnation. [IT] would [BE] care[FULL] to render [THE] WORLD LIVEABLE.

How Modern Media Destroys Our Minds  



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Comment by Michael Grove on July 14, 2022 at 9:22

"Every epoch in human history [IS] marked  by the

 appearance of a seemingly insurmountable collection

 of crisis, accompanied by a series of INSIGHTS and

 IDEAS that question the foundation of our current

 reality by evidence to the contrary. In other words, 

 when the nature of inquiry conflicts with the nature

 of reality, we collectively experience a paradigm

 shift. Suddenly, the earth is no longer flat, the Sun

 does not fall off the edge of the sky and fire is no

 longer a manifest of magic. We are living through

 ONE of those times."                                                                    

                                                     Ray Podder

[IT] IS TIME methinks 2[BE]aware of the fact that 



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