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Posted on Dec 5th, 2006 by Bobbi : Visionary Bobbi

I woke up at 5am to my husband pacing. His mom is in hospital and he's having to deal with mortality issues. Not easy for my man. He's big and strong and he has a hard time with things that he can't physically affect.

On to my Aha. So, as he was pacing and dealing with his stuff, I decided to use this time to connect with my soul. And boy did I ever connect. Here is a bit of the information I downloaded (I ended up writing some of it in the dark because it was so profound to me)

The question I asked was "How do I give up control?"

CONTROL is like being a Grand Illusionist who begins to believe in their illusions.

Challenge yourself not to react. God is not an entity but an energy - it is a love you can't understand, the ability to let go of all expectation.
Now, you begin as if you can't see, as one who doesn't know, as one who desires nothing. It is not about fun my sweet, it is about becoming - becoming more than you are capable of understanding at this point, connected to your illusion of emotions.
As long as you rely on emotion you shall be "stuck".


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maze : ordinary

about 2 hours later
maze said

Is this your soul talking to you? Who’s doing the talking?

I would think it might be easier to shut the thing off and

sit in silence. …a place where there’s no illusions.

peace - maze

Lobster John : Peaceful Fool

about 7 hours later
Lobster John said

de-attachment to outcome… very difficult.

But, a good path. I wish you both the best of luck.

maze : ordinary

about 15 hours later
maze said

and out of the silence you may run into lobster john wishing you luck….

or maze commenting. peace

Craig Photography : Create, Compassion, Service, Photog

about 16 hours later
Craig Photography said

Your writting and posting this blog is blessing.. Thank you for your words.

Jenna : Quizzical Creative

about 17 hours later
Jenna said

When my mom called about my dad's passing… I did this.

I was fine for a week… then I grieved, oh how I grieved.

But first I was there for my mom.

First, I knew it was going to be okay.

First, I listened to my head, not my heart.

Namaste… Jenna

1 day later
Shanti said

Thank you so much for sharing…Non-Attachment…Aparigraha…a difficult,

yet beautiful practice…again, thank you…and may you always be able to hear

your soul speaking to you…



Michael : catalyst-producer

6 days later
Michael said

Control IS being a Grand Illusionist - who believe in his/her illusions -

& - God IS NOT an entity but an energy - INDEED -

IT IS a LOVE you can't YET understand

ROD : Be Still

7 days later
ROD said

Yep! I can feel this one. It's BIG…

Reminds me for some reason of the Heart Sutra quote of -

“Emptiness is form, form is Emptiness." 

becoming more than you are capable of understanding at this point

That resonates big with me and you know why Bobbi.

(I AM - YOU ARE…Now and Always.)

Thanks for sharing. Just lovely.

And I hope your husband finds some solace. Godspeed.

Jeremiah : Lighthouse, Messenger,Beacon & Seed

26 days later
Jeremiah said

Great & Beautiful Insight Sister.
Isn't it fune to just drop into Is-ness ?

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