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   "MINDS are like parachutes, they only function when they're open."

                                                           Thomas Robert "Tommy" Dewar


                           the journey begins & the journey continues

        As individuals, ants might be tiny dummies, but as

       colonies they respond quickly and effectively to 

       their environment. They DO [IT] with something

       called swarm intelligence the concept of which I             

       had become acquainted with, during my thorough

       investigations of the issues to be addressed with 

       regard to the utilisation of the AFTN for secure              

       initiation of Air Traffic Control handovers between

       adjacent Air Traffic Control Centres such as London

       ATCC and the Maastricht UAC.


          What’s especially remarkable - the close parallels between ant colonies

          networks and human-engineered ones. One example is “Anternet”, where,

          a group of researchers at Stanford, found that the algorithm desert ants use

          to regulate foraging is like the Traffic Control Protocol (TCP) [updated with

          correct spelling] used to regulate data traffic on the internet. Both ant and

         human networks use positive feedback: either from acknowledgements  

         that trigger the transmission of the next data packet, or from food-laden

         returning foragers that trigger the exit of another outgoing forager. 

          This research led some to marvel at the ingenuity of ants, able to invent a

          world wide web system which has become very familiar to us NOW because

          ants have been using internet algorithms for millions of years!

     ( WIRED, too, flirted with the concept of “anternet
in its Jargon Watch column last year.)

     "Ants aren't smart - Ant colonies are"


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Comment by Michael Grove on May 17, 2019 at 14:32

WITH a realistically dynamic plan for "OTHERS to CONTRIBUTE" 

the collective becomes ONE MIND in the guise of a higher level of

evolutionary potential • [IT]'s exponential in fact • [IT]'s the power

of the many literally becoming ONE • which could feasibly [BE]

respected as A SUPERMIND of AWARENESS, aware of [IT]SELF.

Comment by Michael Grove on August 18, 2021 at 9:12

- the collective becomes ONE mind - it's a higher level of evolutionary potential - it's exponential - it's the power of the many literally becoming ONE.

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